The Top Five Most Atrocious Lies repeated by Nets fans and some Pundits.

The Top Five Most Atrocious Lies repeated by Nets fans and some Pundits.

1)”We only gave up half our Carmelo designated trade assets for Deron Williams.”

No you did not. You gave up well more than half.

Final Nets offer for Carmelo Anthony: Four first rounders, Harris and Favors.  6 assets in total.

Nets assets sent to Utah for Deron: 2 first rounders, harris and favors.  4 assets in total.

4/6 is 66 percent. Not 50.  But it’s actually well more than 66 percent.  Since not all draft picks have equal value some are worth more than others. Here is the draft pick portfolio of every team including credits and debits:

Nets picks sent to Utah were the Nets certain top 5 2011 lottery pick and Golden States’s 2012 lottery protected only 1-7. The salary-adding, Ellis-keeping Warriors are currently picking 11th which means that pick has very high value.

The 2 picks the Nets would have sent for Carmelo but didn’t send to Utah was the Lakers 27th pick of 2011 and Houston’s 2012 1-14 lottery protected pick for the next 3 years! Houston, after trading 2 of its starters and losing its franchise center possibly forever is CURRENTLY in the lottery. Thus this pick obviously has much lower value than the Golden State pick.  In sum, the nets gave up their 2 best picks by far in next 3 years.

Thus in terms of real value: Nets gave up 90 percent of their Carmelo final offer trade assets for Deron Williams and not “half.”

2)” Deron Williams is a better fit for the Nets than Carmelo  Anthony.”

No he is not. If the Nets thought Deron was a better fit then why did they wait to make the trade till AFTER they lost out on Carmelo Anthony when the Deron trade was being  “discussed for weeks??” Can anyone explain this logical gap? Here is the article: Says trade was “discussed for weeks”, dated Feb 23th.

Secondly, there is far bigger talent gap between Carmelo and Travis Outhouse than there is between Deron and Devin. Indisputable.

Thirdly, if you put the Deron trade in its BROADEST CONTEXT:  one of the five worst teams in the league essentially gave up their best trade assets to acquire a player who plays  a position that didn’t represent the team’s biggest weakness and who is currently unsigned beyond 2012. Thus the Nets, with little trade assets, place themselves in the unenviable position of being forced to clog their cap space by overpaying for 2nd tier/3rd tier/restricted players in a dry free agent market to please a player that may remain unsatisfied considering the multitude of deficiencies in the team’s roster revealed by their record.

3)  “This is just like Jason Kidd all over again.”

Of course it’s not.  Jason Kidd the player of ‘01 is comparable to Deron the player of ’11. That’s where the similarities end and the MONSTROUS differences begin:

Assets left over after trade for Kidd >> Assets left over after trade for Deron.

Nets roster of 2001 >>> Nets roster 2011

Eastern Conference of 2011 and beyond >>>> Eastern conference of 2000-2010

Jason Kidd 2 crucial offseasons before free agency>>>>>  Deron Williams 1 crucial offseason before free agency…..nuff said.

4)”We have a chance to get Dwight Howard.”

You have very little chance(and that’s a little generous) of getting Dwight Howard. Once again draft pick portfolios of every team… for the next 3 years.

If the Nets couldn’t win a 2-team(Knicks, Nets) trade war for Carmelo Anthony with their best assets, what makes them think they will win a much expanded trade war for an even better player with fewer assets. But even putting that seemingly obvious automatic disqualifier aside, here are the nuts and bolts of the argument:

Oklahhoma(Perkins, Ibaka, Collison, Harden 3 Unconditional firsts) Chicago(Noah, Taj, 5 firsts, Yes 5). Atlanta(Al Horford, Josh Smith, 2 unconditional firsts). Los Angeles(Bynum and 2 unconditional first rounders) Each of these teams have winning records AND better trade assets.  Hey Nets fans stop the fantasy. Better chance of Qaddafi replacing Donald on The Apprentice.

5) “The Nets dominated the last decade while the Knicks stunk.”

Hey Nets fans your team played very well from 2001-2007 and you made the finals twice. You only made the playoffs in 6 years out of 10 and your biggest win total was 52 wins, your ONLY 50plus win season, in an incredibly weak Eastern Conference. Knicks went to the finals twice as well during the 90s,  made the playoffs EVERY year in the 90s, had SIX 50 plus win seasons including one 60 win season in what was undoubtedly the toughest conference.  MONSTROUS FUCKING DIFFERENCE. The Nets should try to focus on the present and future and see if they can be the best team within a 5 mile radius in the next 5 years before they try to beat out the other 28 teams around the country.

P.S. And just for the record. Pokhorov wanted to buy the Knicks first. Oh snap!

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