Draft Post number 2: Knicks Draft/offseason Needs for the offseason

This is not going to be like the other person who posted their version of the draft needs for the Knicks. This will be my realistic needs for the Knicks going forward assuming 2 different scenarios. Scenario 1 would be that we extend Billups contract and scenario 2 would be that we don't extend Billups.

Scenario 1 - we resign Chauncey Billups

Need 1: Center - Even with Shelden Williams emergence as a quality big, I still believe our biggest need this coming off-season is a center. I am not in the Marc Gasol camp. I think our target should come via the draft. Players I like as a possible center are: Tyler Zeller, Keith Benson, Jan Vesely. All three of these players are 6-10 or over (Zeller is 6'11", Benson is 6'11", Vesely is 6'10"). Zeller is a big physical body with a very advanced offensive game and is a good rebounder. He is used to playing in an up-tempo style and is a solid defender. Benson is a great defender and rebounder who needs to improve his offensive game. Vesely is a good offensive player and a good rebounder but needs to improve his defense. We could also target Jordan Williams if we want to buy back into the 1st round or if we trade up we can target Enes Kanter or Jonas Valanucias (sp?).

Need 2: Another big, physical body: I think we are 2 big bodies away from having our front-court set. I think there will be plenty of big bodies available in the middle of the 1st round to choose from. Kahwi Leonard, Dontas Motiejunas, Marcus and Markieff Morris, and Jordan Williams are all possibilites to be a 4/5 player for us. Leonard is more of a 3/4 but he is a very physical player that is great on defense. Motiejunas is a very gifted 4 man that could play alongside Amare. The Morris twins are PF's that can stretch the floor, can rebound, and are good defenders. My ideal choice of these 4 is Marcus Morris.

Need 3: A PG to groom for when Billups is gone: I don't think Andy Rautins is the answer for our 2nd PG once Billups is gone. Spending a draft pick (via the 1st round or buying into the 2nd round) is worth it to get a quality player that just needs to develop. If Kemba Walker is available at our pick in the 1st round, I think we should take him. If not, Darius Morris of Michigan is a player I would want if he was there at the beginning of the 2nd round. Shelvin Mack or Josh Selby would be great as well in the early 2nd round. However, those three players might all go back to school. If those three go back to school, the backup PG role will have to be filled through FA or we will have to wait until next year.

Option 2 - we don't resign Billups

Need 1 is still the same

Need 2 - A PG to either start or back up TD: Three players I would like to target in the draft if we don't extend Billups are: Jimmer Fredette, Kemba Walker, and Nolan Smith. They are all good PG's that can also play off the ball and fit into our system. They all have a weakness on defense but none of them are exceptionally bad at defense. The PG class is extremely weak so if Kyrie Irving is available around the 5th pick, we could try to package money and future draft picks to get him.

Need 3 is need 2 from above.


I don't think we will address our need for another PG until next year because this year, the PG class is horrible and next year it is going to be great. Next year the PG's will include Darius Morris, Marcus Teague, Shelvin Mack, Austin Rivers, Kyrie Irving (if he doesn't go pro this year), Brandon Knight (if he doesn't go pro this year), Peyton Siva, Myck Kabongo, and a few other players. the 2012 draft will also be ripe with big men like Jared Sullinger, and HS seniors Marchus Gilchrist and Anthony Davis.


Ultimately, I don't think this years draft is that good but we could definitely find a big man or two to make the roster and possibly contribute. Next year's draft is where we should try and stock pile some draft picks and fill our needs. I would not be opposed to trading this years 1st round pick for a 1st round pick next year.

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