Tangled Up In Orange & Blue


The Knicks are back in the playoffs!


Ahhh such a crazy time...having followed the Knicks more closely than anyone I know (outside of this blog) over the past 15 years, I am elated to find the team back in the playoffs. But how do we as fans cope with this shock to our system? To paraphrase Keith Richards, it's like going from low grade heroin to the purest strains from South America...if you're not careful, it can be lethal. So as a result I decided to come up with a set of playoff guidelines for Knicks fans struggling to grasp the new situations.

1. The past is the past.

Don't get hung up on the losing we have gone through over the last few years. Forget about the Melo trade. Hell, forget the recent losing streak, even the more recent winning streak. The playoffs are a clean slate, and they should be treated as such.

2. Don't think of playoff experience as a major factor for this team, good or bad.

Sure, the Knicks may have not been to the playoffs with any of these players, but many of them have been there before, including Turiaf, Shelden, Stat, Melo, Billups, and Jeffries. The team's lack of shared playoff experience probably is balanced out by this group of playoff vets. There will be moments where they seem completely out of place, and others when they seem meant for playoff basketball. I don't see either side winning out overall, though.

3. Let's just take it game to game.

Don't get hung up on a loss, don't over think a win. These are seven game series, and they have to be approached as such. Having been out of the playoffs for so long, we are all bound to overanalyze every little thing, but there is bound to be some volatility in performance from game to game, so maybe don't get toooo riled up.

4. Enjoy the moment.

Pretty easy, right? Well, yes and no. Root like hell for the Knicks, but don't stress. This should be the first of many playoff appearances for this team, and the best is undoubtedly yet to come, be it this year or whenever.

5. Rock your Knicks gear!

Let the world know! I think most NBA fans are happy that the Knicks are back in the playoff picture, and it's a pretty joyous thing to be able to represent. My game worn Rick Brunson jersey would never leave my chest, if I owned one.

6. Don't be a pessimist.

People who say things like they would be satisfied with winning one round bore me. Not saying the Knicks are going to win it all necessarily, but until they don't, they might!

7. Watch at least one game at a Knicks friendly bar.

This is always incredibly fun, especially during the playoffs...well, that last part I can only guess at, since I wasn't drinking age the last time the Knicks were in. But taking part in a communal atmosphere is the best way to enjoynthese games, no doubt. Of course, if you get to go to a game, then I am incredibly jealous.

8. Dvr every game if you can.

This wasnt really a possibility last playoffs go round, but what I wouldn't give to have Game 5 against the Heat or LJ's four point playnagainst the Pacers at my immediate disposal. Of course, if they lose a game by thirty, delete that shit. No need to be a masochist.

That's all I got, feel free to add additional ideas! WHO IS EXCITEDDDDDDD OH YEAHHHHHHHHH #turiafed

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