2011 NBA Mock Draft: Picks 1-10

Hello Posters and Toasters,

This year’s draft is one of the most confusing in recent history. Every mock draft i read is different than the next I have become completely consumed with trying to figure out what teams will take who. Watching YouTube videos of prospects, reading article after article on prospects all just to ATTEMPT to figure at who is a REAL option for our Knicks and who we should just forget about now. While talent wise this is a weak draft, if you’re looking for solid role players this year’s draft should give you that.

Take The Jump!!!!

Cleveland Cavaliers:

Kyrie Irving (PG):

The Cavaliers have 2 out of the first 4 picks in this year’s draft and with their first I believe they will take Kyrie Irving. He is a true pg can run an offense has great court vision and I believe he will be an all-star one day. From what I have read many scouts believe he is injury prone which might be true but I on the other hand choose to believe he had an injury which kept him out for his freshman year at duke and that’s it. I do not feel that he will have issues with this in the league. compares him to “Chris Paul/Mike Conley

Minnesota Timberwolves:

This is a tough one because the next best player is Derrick Williams who is a tweener at the 4 or 3 but the Timberwolves 2 best players play the position. We all know David Kahn has no issues with drafting the same position over and over and not getting results. Kahn knows his best player (Kevin Love) is not happy and he knows this team needs to add talent.

Enes Kanter (C/PF) is who I feel the wolves should pick. He, Kevin Love, & Michael Beasley make a nice trio up front with Ricky Rubio supposedly joining next season.

Utah Jazz:

Derrick Williams (SF/PF):

Yes this team has Derrick Favors and Gordon Hayward but a Derrick x2 front court could be dangerous, along with Devin Harris, Paul Millsap and whoever they draft with their next pick the Jazz are in pretty good position.

Cleveland Cavaliers:

Jonas Valanciunas (PF/C):

The Cavs need a presence in the middle and Jonas gives them just that. Will need to learn how to stay out of foul trouble (i.e Mozgov) but he can run the floor and is a good compliment for Irving. The Cavs may not win a lot of games next year, but they will be fun to watch.

Toronto Raptors:

Kemba Walker (PG) :

This might come as a surprise to some but the Raptors need to move on from Calderon and who better to help them do that than a point guard who can carry the load for his team, has great leadership, and has a huge heart. Andrea and Ed Davis would give them a nice inside outside game.

Washington Wizards:

Jan Vesley (SF): at 6’11 he is a freak athlete, played on the most respected league in Europe and he played a big role for his team. Everything I have read says the wizards love this guy and feel he is a great compliment to a core of Mcgee, Wall, and Crawford.

Sacramento Kings:

Brandon Knight (PG):

The kings have a ton of weapons on offense but they need someone to run their offense, that’s where knight steps in. He is a big guard likes to push the ball, lighting quick and has a good attitude (which is a need for the kings.

Detroit Pistons:

Bismack Biyombo (PF):

Greg Monroe and Biyombo in your front court. A+. Although he is only 18 I believe he will transfer will into the NBA. He is a tough player and an overall defensive juggernaut. After Chris Singleton he is the best defensive player in the draft.

Charlotte Bobcats:  

Gerald Wallace 2.0 (aka Kawhi Leonard) (SG/SF):

The bobcats have so many needs, most importantly to draft someone who can contribute right away. Kawi might be the most NBA ready player in the draft.

Milwaukee Bucks:

The bucks need to draft whoever will complement the strengths of Bogut and Jennings.

Marcus Morris (PF/SF)

Not the most defensive minded player but what he gives you on the other side on the ball is hard to pass up. Especially with Bogut’s health issues.

Picks 11-20 should come tomorrow. I am not an expert just simply guessing and giving you my reasoning.I hope you all enjoy!

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