2011 NBA Mock Draft: Picks 11-20

Hello Again,


Here are picks 11-20, please don't crucify me!

Golden State Warriors:

Donatas Motiejunas (C/PF)

I think the warriors need defense and toughness. While Dontas is not what you think when you think “defensive minded big” he is the most skilled big man on the board. You can play him next to David Lee because he can defend centers but like Amare he would rather play the 4.

Utah Jazz:

Alec Burks (SG)

is one of the most NBA ready 2-guards. The Jazz need a 2 guard. He has a good head on his shoulders and is very strong. Very athletic and a scorer. Burks with Williams and favors gives the jazz a nice core.

Phoenix Suns:

Tristan Thompson (PF/SF)

I was tempted to put Jimmer Fredette here but I don’t see how they pass up on Thompson. While they are not replacing the void Amare left them with. They are adding a solid role player. He can rebound and will toughen the suns up inside.

Houston Rockets:

Chris Singleton (SF)

Shane Battier was their defensive stopper. After they made the trade they were not the same team. Chris is the best defender in the draft and the rockets have enough scorers.

Indiana Pacers:

Jordan Hamiltion (SG)

The pacers biggest need is scoring off their bench. Hamilton gives them that. While the have Paul George this allows them to plug George in at as a starter while still having someone who can create for himself on their bench the pacers are tough but they more scorers.

Philadelphia 76ers:

Kenneth Faried (PF)

Do you really believe that Doug Collins would pass on Faried? We all know enough about Faried to know why he would be a good fit in Philly. The only thing that sucks about this he is not there at 17 for the knicks to grab lets hope this is not Stephen Curry all over again.

New York Knicks:

Darius Morris (PG)

The steal of the draft! But I doubt when it is all said and done we only have one pick. I think they will buy a later pick and go after a big a little later in the draft (j.Williams, T. Thompkins, & L. Noguirea). Why not kill 2 birds with one stone? Another reason to draft Morris over any of the bigs left. Jerome Jordan. I know to pick Morris at 17 is high but I have a funny feeling Walsh gives 2 shits.

Washington Wizards

Markieff Morris (C/PF)

the wizards could use another big body down low. They could use a hustle guy like Morris. He has a big frame and is a better defender then his brother. He can also rebound at a nice rate as well.

Charlotte Bobcats

Reggie Jackson (SG/PG)

Michael Jordan loves this kid and the bobcats could use a pure scorer. I do feel he is someone that will come in and give you instant buckets. The bobcats have had a hard time finding points without Felton, and Wallace. Jackson & Leonard should be welcomed additions to Stephen Jackson, Gerald Henderson, & D.J Augustin



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