My Mock Draft picks 21-30 with explanations

Okay, so this is the last of the first round.  I hope you guys enjoyed the series.  I may or may not do a 2nd round, but if I do, I'll probably do it closer to the draft because second round projections change with the wind.  Once again, let's go over who was already picked:

1: Kyrie Irving

2: Derrick Williams

3: Jan Vesely

4: Enes Kanter

5: Brandon Knight

6: Kawhi Leonard

7: Kemba Walker

8: Jonas Valanciunas

9: Bismack Biyombo

10: Alec Burks

11: Marcus Morris

12: Jimmer Fredette

13: Tyler Honeycutt

14: Chris Singleton

15: Darius Morris

16: Tristian Thompson

17: Kenneth Faried

18: Markieff Morris

19: Donatas Motiejunas

20: Klay Thompson


21: Portland Trail Blazers: Reggie Jackson, PG/SG, Boston College


The Blazers are looking okay, other than the PG position.  They were rumored to be shopping Andre Miller, who is on the tail end of his career.  If Miller were gone, the starting PG would be Patty Mills.  This isn't a perfect pick, as Reggie isn't a pure PG yet, but he is better in my book than Selby.  But this would leave the Blazers with Armon Johnson, Patty Mills, Andre Miller, Reggie, and Wes Matthews, an undersized 2, and Brandon Roy in the backcourt.  The backcourt would be crowded, and I think there would be a trade or two, but the Blazers definitely need to revamp their backcourt.


22: Denver Nuggets: Tobias Harris, SF/PF, Tennessee


The Nuggets, as we all know, are rich with young talent.  They are losing Nene and Kenyon and possibly Wilson.  Therefore, they go for a physical yet talented tweener in Harris.  He gives them some depth and could become a starter.  SG is also a position that could be addressed, but the right player isn't there.


23: Houston Rockets: Davis Bertans, SF/PF, Latvia


I am really impressed with this kid.  He reminds me a lot of Dirk, honestly.  He can create his own shot pretty well, and he has a high-release jumper that is deadly and ranges out to 3 point land.  He's not quite as physical, and he doesn't go into the post often, but Houston is a perfect place for a project like Bertans.


24: Oklahoma City Thunder: Justin Harper, SF/PF, Richmond


This may be a little high for him, but he would fit great in OKC.  The Thunder acquired Perkins and have Collison and Ibaka as other quality bigs.  This guy gives them a little bit of room to stretch the floor.  Having watched the Thunder in the playoffs, I've noticed that things get pretty crowded in the paint with Perkins, Westbrook's outside shot is marginal, and Durant and Harden are the only 3 point threats who play a significant amount of time.  Richmond gives them another one.


25: Boston Celtics: Jordan Williams, PF/C, Maryland


It doesn't take a genius to question the Perkins trade.  The Cs want another Perkins.  They won't find one in this draft, but Williams is a pretty close option.  He is big, and his jumpshot is very clean.  He has big shoes to fill, but he has a lot of potential and Doc should ease him into games at the C or PF position.


26: Dallas Mavericks: Jordan Hamilton, SF, Texas


One thing is for sure about Hamilton.  He can score.  The Mavs have been looking for help at the 3 since Caron Butler went down.  The Mavs get at least a bench scorer and an insurance policy for the indefinite future of Caron Butler.  He is great value at 26, as some scouts think he could creep into the lottery.


27: New Jersey Nets: JaJuan Johnson, PF, Purdue


The Nets' frontcourt looks kind of shaky and very shallow.  Travis Outhouse's big contract is not looking to stellar, and Kris Humphries is bound to realize that he is Kris Humphries and start sucking again.  That said, the Nets get an athletic big to replace Favors and possibly run a dangerous pick-and-roll with Deron, who will be gone after 2012 anyway.  The Nets got ripped off in the Deron deal, and this will be illustrated in the coming years when their draft picks are incessantly going to Utah.


28:  Chicago Bulls: Nikola Mrotic, SF/PF, Montenegro


The Bulls are deep enough to take a project at pick 28.  Mrotic is a bit of a question mark, as I've seen mocks that have him in the lottery.  He is definitely a good shooter, and while he is limited athletically, almost all other parts of his game are pretty good.


29: San Antonio Spurs:  Kyle Singler, SF, Duke


The Spurs continue to age, and until they realize that they are aging and make a trade, they will draft players who can make an immediate impact.  Singler is that guy.  He is now a fringe first rounder, even though last year he looked like a lottery pick.  He should be a good shooter and a decent defender, and while his ceiling is low, he is still a decent pickup for the Spurs


30: Chicago Bulls: Marshon Brooks, SG, Providence


The Bulls need a SG, and while Keith Bogans is a good "glue" guy, he is destined to be a bench player.  Marshon is a guy who can score many different ways, but he's not a complete ball-stopper.  Brooks could, barring a lockout, earn the starting job at SG for the possible NBA Champions.  Brooks is a very underrated player who could make a big splash at the next level


Okay, that's the end of the first round.  I hope you enjoyed it.  How was this installment?  Feedback is appreciated.

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