Mock Draft 1.0 Complete

With the draft now 4 weeks away, I am going to do installments once a week at the beginning of the week with an updated mock draft. I was having issues with my frank8 account so I never was able to post picks 21-30. I apologize; to make it up to you guys I am posting a complete mock draft updated with all of the info and feedback from scouts at the combine this weekend. 

So to find out which guys helped their stock and which guys hurt it....


Cavaliers - Kyrie Irving: Everything I have read leads me to believe that the Cavs will take Irving here is a clip from espn's chad ford: "He's a really great kid," one Cavs source said. "He'll get out into the community and I think he can help us rebuild our relationship with the fans. The only way I see us not taking him is if there's a problem with the medical."

Timberwolves -Derrick Williams: The wolves have no need for another power forward they likely trade this pick, but either way Williams is going number 2. He helped his stock recently with his measurements the biggest concerns scouts had was his size. Most thought he was to small to play the 4 in the NBA. That was put to rest.

Jazz - In my last draft I had the Jazz going with Williams but after the combine all signs point to Brandon Knight; if they pick a point guard that is. I unlike most people feel Devin Harris could start on a playoff team so i think this pick would be better serve using it on another guy or trade it.

Cavaliers - Jonas Valanciunas: They call him Europes Noah. He has a great motor and apparently Cleveland loves him. I would prefer Kanter but.....

Raptors - Kemba Walker: I felt Walker was a bad fit for Sac Town (where most scouts had him) I feel he is the prefect fit for the raptors. He is a shot first PG which is good because Toronto Has nobody him for to pass too.

Wizards - Enes Kanter: Very good friends with John Wall I feel if he goes to Washington they will have a deadly pick and roll threat and having a core of wall, kanter, mcgee, crawford and young is not bad.

Kings - Jan Vesley: He is more of a point forward freak athlete and will assist Evans in allowing him to play off of the ball more. Vesley can be a facilitator if need be kinda like hedo when the magic made it to the finals.

Pistons - Kawhi Leonard; he really helped his stock with his motor and interviews this weekend. He has been working on his shot and it showed at the combine. A tough SF who can rebound and has a good motor could be just what the doc ordered for the pistons.

Bobcats - This is the hardest pick to predict the bobcats are a mess. I wish Michael would hire someone to run the team and just be a name. This team has no direction the traded their best player for nothing. Biyombo would be good here but they need one of the only prospects who is a future 20ppg player. Alec Burks.

Bucks - Bismack Biyombo: Good fit for the bucks, this allows Biyombo to guard the opposing offenses best post player. While bogut can focus on scoring, Bismack is a great compliment for Jennings(if he is still there & bogut)

Warriors - Donatas Motiejunas: He can play center at the next level. He can score in the paint and while he is not Tyson Chandler he defend centers. When David Lee is your 4 you need someone who can defend in the paint.

Jazz - Klay Thompson: Scouts loved this kid. Utah needs a 2 with NBA range. Klay is that kid.

Suns - Jimmer Fredette - Do i really have to elaborate on this? I don't think this kid is going to transfer well in the league. I see him as a Kerr not Nash.

Rockets - Marcus Morris: Morris is a scorer and selling himself as a 3 to scouts. He is one of the only guys who might have hurt his stock by acknowledging he is not an NBA 4. Many scouts do not feel he can guard 3's

Pacers - Jordan Hamiltion: The pacers need points of the bench. If you saw Hamilton play in college you know he gives you that. once he improves his shot selection I feel he will be a solid NBA starter.

76ers - Markieff Morris: Unlike his twin Markieff stock has risen he is a true big who could play the 5 in the league. 16 might be low for the "other" morris twin.

Knicks - Kenneth Faried: The rebounding machine from Moorehead will be starting for us by the all-star break. He is never tried and gives us a Shawn Marion like rebounder to play the 4 along side Amare. What people don't realize is he has a reach over 7 feet. Which is longer then alot of allstar 4's in the league.

Wizards - Chris Singleton: Adding singleton and kanter to wall and macgee in a draft is a home run. Washington will be the 8th seed next year if they draft like this. Wall will make that leap in year 2(just as rose did)

Bobcats - Tobias Harris: I love this kids game. He is soooo smart (landry fields) a very good defender (Shane Battier) and can score. Once scout said "We will be a hall of Famer" when I find the link I will post it but i can't help but agree.

Timberwolves - Lucas Nogueira: Tho he is a project if he becomes the player he could be (Tyson Chandler) he gives them a post presence on the defensive end they need. This team is 2-3 years away(which i think love will only be their for another 1 or 2 of them)

Trailblazers - Darius Morris: Who better then Andre Miller to mentor the next Andre Miller? the blazers also need another point and Morris fills that need for them. Unfortunately they also need scorers and Morris is not that so I could see them going (reggie jackson or charles jenkins here) aswell.

Nuggets - Nikola Vucevic: They need post players.

Rockets - Reggie Jackson: Their offense is stagnate at times and reggie jackson can score with his long reach he has the potential to be a good defender. He is a good fit for the rockets. Him and Marcus Morris can be score and I feel contribute right away.

Thunder - Tyler Honeycutt: The thunder could use someone to releive durant and harden honeycutt will develop into a threat off of the bench. I did not see much of his games but from what I have read defense is where he can be a difference maker.

Celtics - Marshoon Brooks: This is perfect for him. he needs someone to make sure he does not get off track he has the potential to be an all-star I feel doc and KG are the guys to help him achieve this apparently he refers to himself in 3rd person so.. the celtics might pass on him. He is definitely a NBA talent.

Mavericks - A 6'10 small foward with a sweet so dirk can put him under his wings and be his mentor? yes please. Davis Bertans he will not be dirk at most peja. That is still good for the 26th overall pick.

Nets: Justin Harper: this may be a reach but i love his game and I feel he could help the nets a 4 who can spread the floor put it on the hardwood and can defend?

Bulls: Travis Leslie: Nice outside shots a good athlete and pyhsically ready for the next level, I could see him starting for chicago.

Spurs: Iman Shumpert: A silky smooth shot one of the bigger PG in the draft and good court vision. The spurs need a backup point and this is their guy. 

Bulls: Charles Jenkins - only 6'3 he can play the 2 cause he is so strong. A good scorer and Chicago just needs 2 guards.

Towards the end I got lazy next weeks edition will be better.

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