What do YOU think we need to do this summer?

What moves do you want to see us make so we can be better next year?

I'll start off with mine:

First and most important, sign Walsh to an extension. Pretty obvious and almost done, but I won't be happy until it's official.

Second, obviously we need a center, but paying someone like Dalembert a multi year deal would be a huge mistake because not only does this guy have problems (he's by far the dumbest player I've ever seen), but he's not worthing cutting into our 2012 cap space. I believe that keeping our 2012 cap space is crucial, and while that might limit us this year, it will be worth it. Even if we can't get Paul/ Dwight/ Williams, (although I do think we'll get Paul, fingers crossed) we'd have some cap space in a new CBA where we could rly build some depth around Stat/Melo. So what I say is, unless you can get Deandre Jordan or Marc Gasol (both would be close to impossible), don't sign anyone to a multi year deal (reason I think we should sign them to a long term contract is because we could always trade them for nothing, or in a sign and trade or in a trade for a superstar). So that means, our FA big men targets are players like Nazr Mohammed, Kwame Brown, Jeff Foster, Ryan Hollins, Eric Dampier, Nenad Kristic, possibly Kenyon Martin (long shot) and some other guys. There's also the possibility of trading for someone, but realistically we can't get anyone too good without giving up Landry and/or our cap space next year. So lets assume we get one those guys, like lets say Kwame or Jeff Foster.


Third, draft the best player available. It's pretty simple, while we desperately need a big man, we do need other positions as well and we can't afford to reach on a big man unless Walsh is pretty confident. So just draft the best player available. Odds are, like every draft, some guy projected for the lottery will fall to 17. Unless we feel he's not worth it, pick him up. If possible trade up and get Biyombo (most likely trading Landry and our selection), b/c he's a guy we could use and won't go past pick #7-8 IMO. Some names possible at #17: both Morris twins, Tristian Thompson, Tobias Harris, Jordan Hamilton, Jimmer Freddette, Keneth Faried (knicks like this guy apparently), Lucas Nugiera (my personal pick if no one rly falls) and some other guys. has us picking Jordan Hamilton, but Idk if I like that. I don't much about him, but he's 6'7" and 210 lbs, so he seems like a tall SG b/c he's too thin to play SF (at least for now). Also try to pick up at least one (or maybe 2) late firsts/ second rounders for cash. 


Fourth, hire a defensive assistant coach. Two big names I know that could be possible are Lawrence Frank and Mike Brown. But it doesn't need to be a big name.


Fifth, sign a shooter and a wing defender for the bench. Sad thing is, Corey Brewer could've/should've been the wing defender we need, but too late for that. But some names I can think of are Shane Battier, Peja Stojakovic, Anthony Parker, James Jones, Troy Murphy, DeShawn Stevenson, JR Smith and three long shots (Tashaun Prince, Andrei Kirilenko, and Wilson Chandler). 


Sixth, re-sign Shawne, Anthony Carter and Jared Jefferies (although if we get a good back up PG or big, AC or JJ may not be re-signed). Maybe sign Jerome Jordan (depending on what $ he wants and who we else we get).


So I know it's a lot, but I think this is a realistic off-season plan that could help us improve next year and keep our 2012 cap space. I didn't put many trades, because while possible, I there aren't many trades we can do without giving up Landry, Douglas and/or our 2012 cap space. Unless we're able to pull of one of those deals where we trade for an underachieving player for like Bill Walker or something.


So please post yours and comment on each others. 

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