Jon Leuer

Should the Knicks purchase a late first round or early second round pick, one prospect that has caught my attention is Wisconsin senior Jon Leuer.  Projected by to be picked 45th, Leuer is not a particularly highly rated prospect. 

Leuer is one of the siziest fellows in the draft, trailing only Keith Benson and Nikola Vucevic when it comes to the height of his head.  He's a bit light at only 223 pounds, but he's a legit 6'11" in shoes.





Cons: Leuer apparently lacks the lower body strength necessary to defend bigs effectively.  He also has a pedestrian wingspan for his height, and so, while he ranks near the top in height, when it comes to standing reach and no-step max vert, he's more middle of the road, way below the much shorter Kenneth Faried.  He has post moves, but not, apparently, a very spectacular slew of them.  He's kind of a finesse player and not a banger.  His rebounding stats are not spectacular.

Seems useless, eh?  And yet....

Pros: Leuer's standing max vert is pedestrian, but his max vert (leaping) is a bit better.  Apparently he has good fundamentals, and his rebounding has improved each year to the point where it was respectable this year.  You always like to see improvement.  Still not particularly enticing, but here's the interesting part:  Leuer came into high school as a point guard prospect before a growth spurt.  He can put the ball on the floor and move it.  And he can shoot.  From the outside - to the tune of 37% from three point range.  He's not supposed to be athletic, and yet he scored better in the lane agility drills than any other big man, and he's right up there in the 3/4 court sprint.  The guy can move.  And he did well in the bench press too.

Here is the measurements database so you can play.

To me, this guy sounds like a D'antoni type of 5.  It's possible that, even though he's 22, with the help of professional trainers the guy can put on some weight with lower body muscle and do a serviceable job of guarding most of the 5's in the league - and then can stretch them out with 3 point shooting and midrange popping on the other end.   As a senior with good work habits and a propensity to move well without and with the ball (so they say), he may be able to step in and contribute at the 5 and could be obtainable with a purchased pick.

Of course, I haven't seen him play - have you?  If so, sound off!

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