Moving up (not to the East side)? and Singleton/Selby bit

According to

Don't be surprised if one or more of the following teams move up in the draft: Golden State (No. 11), Houston (14), New York (17), and Charlotte (which a source says is considering packaging its Nos. 9 and 19 picks to move up)


Let's Jump!


Also for those who want Singleton:

Chris Singleton, Florida State's 6-foot-9 junior, doesn't fill a position need for the Knicks. But the athletic small forward fills a well-chronicled overall need: defense. Though Knicks president Donnie Walsh said during the Chicago combine he would like to add a guard to the roster, he added he will go with the best player available if there's a significant difference at the 17th pick when the NBA Draft begins June 23New York Post

I personally don't want Singleton b/c I don't think we need a back up tweener forward (especially if we keep Shawne).

For the Selby supporters:

For the past few weeks we've had Josh Selby going No. 17 to the Knicks in our Mock Draft. The Knicks have been on him for a while and think he could be the type of player who could blow up in the NBA. But sources say Selby struggled a bit in his first workout -- so much so that the Knicks have asked him back for a second workout. Selby may not be the lock I thought he was to go to New York.

Read more NBA news and insight:

I noted earlier in comments that Chad Ford had placed Selby as our pick for most of his mocks which is interesting considering he usually has one of the most accurate mocks. He also uses sources from teams to try and figure who they'll pick (not just his pick for a team, like most mocks). So when he had Selby there for so long, it had to mean that he knew something we didn't. I guess the Knicks like his star potential and I see this as a high risk, high reward pick. I like the fact that he worked out with Chauncey and is buddies with Melo. To me, I could see him being a good compliment to Stoudemire and Melo because defenders have to respect his scoring ability. I see him as the next Monta Ellis, if developed correctly. But it is interesting to hear that he struggled (and I think he was in the weaker workout, not the big name one with Brooks/Klay/Jimmer/etc.).


But back to moving up.

Now this isn't any new news, but it's worth talking about. Earlier there were reports about moving up for Jimmer by adding Landry/Douglas to our pick. Personally, I'd be interested in moving up but only at a certain price and not for Jimmer (and I'm a huge Jimmer fan, I just think if we were to get him, it would be at 17). But for a big man (ideally Biyombo), I'd be willing to give up one of them, to get  a pick in the 7 to 12 range and select the best big available.

Now looking into the teams in that range (7-12), I could see all teams wanting to trade down. But a team that I think would be the best fit for us to trade with, is Milwaukee. The Bucks could use a back up to Jennings and a SG, so I think they'd  be interested in #10 for #17 and Douglas (and cash). But I'd only do that if Biyombo or Valanucias (buyout could be a problem tho) is still there or if one of the better PG prospects fall (Knight or Kemba).

Also I've read that the Kings are absolutely enamored with Jimmer Fredette. So if we somehow pick him up at #17 (unlikely, but possible), I could see them wanting to workout a deal around whoever they draft at #7 (Knight, Kemba or Biyombo) for Jimmer and Douglas (and cash). But this is a little tricky because it relies on Sacramento drafting one of those 3 and Jimmer falling to us (and even then, I'd be tempted to just keep Jimmer).


Okay so thoughts? opinions?

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