Things we think but do not say... about LBJ

First, to start off with, I am not a LBJ hater.  I hoped he would come to NY, I thought that would be the biggest challenge for him with the biggest reward.  I thought that whatever he chose it would say something about who he is.  In this poster's opinion he is the best athlete the NBA has ever seen, he is the player I would still take first if I was starting a team tomorrow.

So, why do I have no sympathy for him now that he is being chased mercilessly by the media hounds from hell?

One reason:  He ain't go no class.

Take the jump if you wanna

Let's be frank here, that is what this post is all about.  He is choking in the NBA finals so far.  He might go wild tonight and score 60 and force the 7th game but as of right now he is gagging on the apple.  How do I feel about that?  I kinda enjoy it to be honest. 

Is it because he turned down NY?  Nah, plenty have and plenty will and I just don't have that much hate in me.  Is it because it's Pat Riley?  Is it the <3 conspiracy?  Is it Miami?  Nope, I wish he came to NY and he didn't can't blame Pat the Rat for doing his job.  Do I hate the beaches or the Miami fans?  I could care less.

I bought tickets to a Cleveland/Wizards game in D.C. back in LBJ's rookie year.   What I remember most was his poise, his demeanor, I mean this huge gazelle of a player was really just a kid yet he was talking to ref's and high priced folks in the first row and everyone was falling in love with him.  I remember thinking, who can begrudge this talent?  He was going to be the next Magic Johnson type of ambassabor for the NBA...or so I thought

LeBron had the right to bolt Cleveland, had the right to make show about it, had the right to say he was "taking my talents to..." whereever he wanted.  It's cool that he had a monster party with his boys after signing with Miami and if he thinks he can win 5-6-7 titles why not say it?  Its a free country.

It's not that he broke the rules in any way, it's just that at every turn, every opportunity he acts like a d-bag to someone or someplace.  I said it.  I don't like to write it in general but there is no other way to get it across really.  Acting like a d-bag.

Like how he pulled Gallo aside after a game in the year of LeBron and told him "keep doing what you are doing." Or something to that effect.  He knew where he was going but he wanted to pull NY's chain.

The Decision.  C'mon.  You are from Ohio right? 

"Taking my talents..."  This is the kind of line that pisses off anyone I have ever called a friend or collegue.  It wouldn't matter who it is, and in this case there was no exception.

I don't need to recount everything you already know or have allowed to pass out of your consciousness.

The best player in NBA is a d-bag.   That's what pisses me off the most. 

Maybe he will change, and maybe my opinion of him will change along with him.  But for now all I want is Dirk to take over the game and have LBJ play just like he has the whole series. 

Maybe somewhere in my mind, I believe this will be the cathartic jolt to wake him up. 

Until then...C'mon Dirk!

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