Random Thoughts on Everything 2011 NBA Draft

ALL I THINK ABOUT IS THE DRAFT! This is nuts. A week away from the draft and the only thing we know for sure is the K.Irving is going to the Cavs. This year has been like no other!

-Donatas Motiejunas - Had 2 workouts last week. One was horrible and on the second he did much much better.

Here is a link to his first:

and here is a short clip of his second;

The first thing you notice is he has bulked up some say to much but it looks like he is doing so with the intention of playing some center. He has a very good touch which you didn't see in the first video(he even kinda looks like gallo!)  DEFENSE!  DEFENSE! DEFENSE! DEFENSE! he doesn't really play much but he can definitely improve. He is the most polished euro outside of velsy so if he is there at 17 I feel we should pick him. on offense him and stat compliment each other very well, but i feel like where he can really help is being our scoring option in the post when stat is taking a rest. I do realize he a not a good rebounder or defender but at 7 feet tall we could really help this team.Lets face it anyone outside of Bimyobo is not going to make a huge difference on defense for us but this guy would be a steal at 17. 

Alec Burks has been dropping because of his injury here is some workout film;

He is other guy that has been working out with Billups. I'm not gonna lie i dont know much about dude because since I thought he was out of our range I never paid him attention but I do know that him and fields give the knicks alot of wing depth if he is at 17 we take him. He is NBA ready and even if he doesnt fit maybe we can package him for a big.

Jimmer - NO NO NO NO NO please Donnie stay away we do not need another undersized 2! He would be a good spot up shooter and if we had multiple picks I would'nt care to use one of him but we don't need another Toney Dougalas who is slower and can not defend he is a really nice kid but giving up TD or fields and our pick for him is to much.

Daruis Morris has fallen as low as second round on some mocks if we can some how get a 2nd rounder and pick him up this would be a steal.According to some he took it to jimmer in workouts on defense and offense but according to others his d has looked weak in some workouts.

Are you guys really happen about the rumor we are giving up toney and the 17th pick for the pacers 15th? thats a sucker move.

My Free agent wish list:








If we can come away with 2 of these its a good summer.

I really hope the kings save us from ourselves and pick jimmer at number 7!!!

Josh Sleby at 17 NO NO NO

Nikola Vucevic is Enes kanter according to scouts another number 17 taarget?

Lets not forget the mission guys we need a big, this draft will give us that opportunity. Let's Do it!

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