New York Draft Night Dream

Ok, this is my first time writing so hope this works. But my ideal draft would be a dream come true Thursday night. With all the talk of Philly at 16 drafting Nikola Vecevic. I see them going after Markeiff Morris, the hometown kid. He even has a tatoo on his arm of him and his twin brother back to back in the city of PHILADELPHIA. How can Philly not draft him, a nasty philly type player foward/Center with a Philly demeanor? Which leaves us Nikola Vucevic. Which the crowd in Newark would slightly cheer for as the analyst discuss this pick which will slightly build up steam. Then with the 20th pick it''s David Stern announces that Minnesota trades this pick for Renaldo Balkman, Bill Walker, (Hell, even if we have to re invest in Derrick Brown) and cash, the NY Knicks are on the clock." Then a whole bunch of oohs and ahhs are heard throughout the building as all the analyst on the set talk about  what point guards are available and you can feel the buzz,. Then with the 20th pick it's announced the NY Knicks select.:  "...Reggie Jackson, point guard from Boston College" and the crowd cheers. (Ok, if not him then Darius Morris, Josh Selbty, Iman Shumpert, etc.) The crowd starts to chant "Donnie Walsh!.... Donnie Walsh!... Donnie Walsh!..." to voice the overwelming approval. The NY Knicks are the talk of the rest of the draft for the rest of the night... Surprisingly... They're not even done!


                   There's talk of them getting Dantoni on later and there's a rumor the Knicks are done yet. At the start of the second round it's announced  that the Sacremento Kings have just traded  6 ft 9' swingman Omri Cassipi to the NY Knicks for Toney Douglas and cash. The camera pans the audience in attendance as they all mouth the words "what the f---?!" as they announce Miami's on the clock with the first pick in the second round. So now they discuss the Knicks some more and have to get get Dantoni on the line to discuss everything that's transpired. When asked why the trade for Cassipi Dantoni says, "We feel were a better team today then we were in the playoffs as we feel Vucevic will compete with Jerome Jordan back from Serbia to to compete at the Center position which gives us more height and vastly improved rebounding. As far as the Reggie Jackson pick we went for someone who could back up Billups thats more o a pure point, that's quick and makes good decisions and can distribute the ball to the players at the right times. As much as we liked Toney The idea of a quick 6 ft 9 sharp shooting 2 guard/ small  forward is hard to resist. And will provide competion for Landry Fields."  The crowd is in shock! Because it makes so much sense and is in disbelief that D'antoni is even conceding this. 


Then they buy Clevelands 32nd pick and Washington's 34 pick for cash and select  6ft 6 UCLA Combo guard Malcolm Lee and Oakland 6 ft 11 center Keith Benson (Or Jeremy Tyler, who's ever better). Nowwwww you have a decent squad. You're starting line:

pg: Chauncy Billups

sg: Omri Cassipi

sf: Carmelo Anthony

pf: Amare' Stoudemire

C:  Nikola Vucevic

Your 2nd squad is all defense

pg; Reggie Jackson, Andy Rautins

sg. Malcolm Lee

sf: Landry Fields, Shawne Williams

pf: Ronny Turiaf

C; Keith Benson, Jerome Jordan


Now this NY Knicks team with a full pre season and season is a 4 seed in the playoffs.  Keep in mind if there's a a prolonged lockout Ray Allen said he will retire cause he can't be ready without his regular workout regimen which leaves the Celtics who are already talking about having Paul Pierce coming offthe bench for Jeff Green (I Have no idea why) and no Ray Allen then the Knicks could even be a 3rd seed if not better.

Now this wquad going into the summer of 2012 and Free Agency How would Chris Paul, Deron Williams  and Dwight Howard NOT wanna play with this squad when it's this deep on paper? Even to do a sign and trade mid season for one: For Chris Paul, Chauncey, Malcom Lee and one of the centers still leaves you with this:

Pgs: Chris Paul, Reggie Jackson, Andy Rautins

Sgs: Omri Cassipi, Landy Feilds

Sfs: Anthony, Shawne Williams

pfs: Stoudemire, Turiaf

Cnts: Vucevic, J. Jordan (Ok, you may have to give them Reggie Jackson instead of Lee) But you still have an official team that will compete.

If you have to do a sign and trade for Dwight Howard miodseason you'd most likely have to trade Vucevic, Omri Cassipi and Malcolm Lee which leaves you with

Pgs: R. Jackson (Felton Spencer that summer) Andy Rautins

sgs:  Landry Fields

sfs: Anthony, Shawne Williams

pfs: Stoudemore, Turiaf

cnts: Benson, Jerome Jordan.

You may have to readress the shooting guard situation but you still are an upper echelon squad. Am I dreaming or could this really work? What do you all think?

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