NBA Mock Draft 2011 2.0 (With No Trades)



Excuse me for the simplicity and lack of explanation for this Mock Draft, but with the exception of about 10-15 players throughout this whole draft, I hate this draft and any team projection (post-draft) would be meaningless. Most of these players will not get over fifteen minutes per game on the teams that draft them, let alone be starters and actually have an effect on the team. Any projection of this year’s draft must also be taken with a grain of salt as I believe that there will be at least one, and if we are lucky, two draft altering trades that will shake even Chad Ford’s Mock Draft. I mean come on; would you really like to have Kawhi Leonard (who I do like) over Tony Parker? In most years, a swap of Tony Parker for the 5th pick in the draft would be very unpopular (Parker for Demarcus Cousins and his potential: Hell NO!), but the gap in NBA value between the greatest Leonard can be (a smaller Gerald Wallace) and Parker is pretty sizeable, which is partly the reason for why I think that that rumor is the likeliest to happen of all of the rumors I have read about over the past couple of days. Anyway, I could go on and on about how bad this draft is, but I hope you enjoy this Mock Draft.

*** = Important Notes

1.      Cleveland Cavaliers: Kyrie Irving *** I love Irving, and I think he can be a Deron Williams-type of passer/scorer for the Cavs; he can and will resurrect the franchise.

2.      Minnesota Timberwolves: Derrick Williams *** On the flipside, I hate Derrick Williams and see him as an absolute bust; he’s the typical athlete who dominates slow white guys at the college-level, but will get a reality check in the NBA. I hate tweeners too by the way.

3.      Utah Jazz: Brandon Knight

4.      Cleveland Cavaliers: Enes Kanter

5.      Toronto Raptors: Kawhi Leonard

6.      Washington Wizards: Jan Vesely

7.      Sacramento Kings: Kemba Walker

8.      Detroit Pistons: Tristan Thompson *** This is one of my favorite picks in the draft. For some reason I just really like this kid with his tenacity and rebounding down low; he will compliment Greg Monroe’s scoring and passing prowess in the frontcourt.

9.      Charlotte Bobcats: Marcus Morris

10.  Milwaukee Bucks: Jonas Valanciunas

11.  Golden State Warriors: Bismack Biyombo *** "Big Mack" Biyombo, a nickname that Biyombo mentioned to Davy Rothbart of Grantland, is another guy I believe in because of his confidence and tenacity on defense. I’m glad to see him go to an up and coming team like the Warriors.

12.  Utah Jazz: Chris Singleton

13.  Phoenix Suns: Alec Burks

14.  Houston Rockets: Nikola Vucevic

15.  Indiana Pacers: Jimmer Fredette

16.  Philadelphia 76ers: Jordan Hamilton

17.  New York Knicks: Klay Thompson *** No I did not fix this because I’m a Knicks fan; I just don’t believe that he is a great fit for any of the last six teams especially with Biyombo going to Golden State and Valanciunas going to Milwaukee.

18.  Washington Wizards: Markieff Morris

19.  Charlotte Bobcats: Marshon Brooks

20.  Minnesota Timberwolves: Donatas Montiejunas

21.  Portland Trailblazers: Kenneth Faried *** The Portland Trailblazers will sneak under the radar with this pick, but they will challenge for Western Conference supremacy next year; just watch!

22.  Denver Nuggets: Tobias Harris

23.  Houston Rockets: Nikola Mirotic

24.  Oklahoma City Thunder: Jimmy Butler

25.  Boston Celtics: Iman Shumpert *** The Celtics have been searching for a perimeter defender in the mold of Tony Allen, so I give them Iman Shumpert. You’re welcome.

26.  Dallas Mavericks: Davis Bertans

27.  New Jersey Nets: Reggie Jackson

28.  Chicago Bulls: Tyler Honeycutt

29.  San Antonio Spurs: Kyle Singler

30.  Chicago Bulls: Charles Jenkins

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