Adjective: In low spirits from loss of hope or courage.


I am not going to overreact to this. We dont know what is going to happen. Maybe we hire a new GM that is great. And he builds a team around Melo and STAT that works... Maybe we compete for years to come and everything is wonderful.

Honestly, P&T is maybe the real reason I am still really into this team. I dont know what to say and dont know why I bothered to make a post... I felt like I had more to say.

Its just so many stupid things after another. Ever see that south park where cartman gets a million bucks and buys an amusement park? I keep waiting for it to blow up in Dolans face like it did Cartman. Why does god give this douchbag all these awesome things, and I am stuck rooting not for a championship, but just that my favorite sport teams stop embarrassing themselves at every step.

During the 2 years of purging by Donnie, I maintained that I would asses my fandom after the summer of 2010. When I can see where this team would be going and make sure they didnt fuck it up. After the summer I was hooked. I got to experience about 4 months of having a sports team that I generally was excited about. Aside from the knicks, I am a big Mets fan... I went to the University at Buffalo and now FIT. I have not experienced rooting for a good team for very much of my life before it just seems to collapse (Yes, I am using that word on purpose fellow met fans) in front of my eyes.

maybe this will work out. Maybe the Don is just tired. Or maybe he is insulted that Dolan wanted to cut 3 mil from his salary, when he happily paid over 11 mil and dragged the knicks brand though the mud because Thomas said he didnt do anything wrong just a couple years before.

I cant see this being a positive move but the little hope I have left is still there. I wont say anything brash or do anything like pledge allegiance to the nets. Shit... knowing how things seem to work, if I did that I would wake up to find the deal to brooklyn fell though and they are moving to queens instead.

I kinda want Mike D to quit. I want him to have a press conference and say" this group is a mess and without Donnie here I am out. I have talked to these people, and its just bad. This is basically like trying to work for the call in audience of sports radio." But he wont do that. He has Melo and STAT and that could... it could... work out really well for us. really! it could! I mean it!

Stan: Kyle? [at the front of the synagogue, Kyle sits in the first pew right, and a shaft of moonlight shines down on him from the rose window over the altar. Stan approaches] Dude, what are you doing here? Everybody's looking for you. Kyle?
Kyle: [not turning around, voice quivering] Do you know what happened to me this morning, Stan? This morning... I woke up and felt a sharp pain in my ass. I felt down there and, and found this... big sore lump. On my ass, Stan. I couldn't even sit down, so... I, I had to tell my mother, which, which was humiliating. She took me to the doctor, which was more humiliating, a- a- nd he told me. I-I have a hemorrhoid. It's like an infected blood vessel on your ass. I'm nine years old, and I have a hemorrhoid, Stan. I have a hemorrhoid, and, Cartman has his own theme park.
Stan: Kyle, I, I understand what you mean, but-
Kyle: [leaves the pew to face Stan, teary-eyed] Do you?! Do you, Stan?! Because all my life I was raised to believe in Jehovah! To believe that we should all behave a certain way and good things will come tu us. I make mistakes, but every week I try to better myself. I'm always saying, "You know, I learned something today..." and what does this so-called God give me in return? A hemorrhoid. He doesn't make sense! [to God] What is your logic?! [feels a pang in his ass] Ow. [tends to the pain]
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