Top 15 Shooting Guards in the NBA

Part 2 of my series of lists I'm doing. i've been working nights lately, so I've had entirely too much time during the day to meander around the Internets, and thus spend a lot of time on P&T. So yeah, shooting guards.

*Note: Some of these players also play SF, and I recognize that, but I'm putting them as SGs because they primarily play at the 2

1.) Dwyane Wade: Arguably one of the top 3 or 5 players in the entire league. Wade is crazy athletic, can get hot from beyond the arc, and is virtually unstoppable when he goes to the basket. He makes posters out of everyone, and for a guy that's only listed at only 6'4", he rebounds, guards and blocks shots incredibly well. He's also a true leader, and can carry a team for long stretches of time.


2.) Kobe Bryant: This past season was the first time in a long time that Kobe Bryant looked mortal. The dude is slowing down, and his knee injuries aren't helping. However, his turn-around jumper is nearly perfect, and when you force him into a bad drive or bad shot, he hangs in the air and always seems to create space, draw a foul, or find an open teammate. He sometimes refuses to stop chucking, and doesn't trust his teammates, so that brings him down, but the dude is always someone to be afraid of

3.) Manu Ginobili: Yup. Ginobili is a true winner. He lays it all out on the line. He's a very good playmaker, a good shooter, unbelievably crafty on offense and defense, and his hustle can't be questioned. Neither can his toughness for that matter, as he played against the Grizzlies in the playoffs with a fractured arm! He shot poorly, but he was still pretty darn good. Dude has it all and arguably is and has been the best player on the Spurs.

4.) Joe Johnson: Joe can be kind of tough to watch. He's not fast or explosive, and he likes to dribble the ball a lot meaninglessly and chuck up a fade-away jumper with 4 seconds left on the shot clock. The only thing is, he makes them. He's had a number of seasons where he always hovers around the 20-5-5 mark, which is very tough to do. He's not a good leader, but for a guy that should be a 2nd fiddle, he's a leader of an Atlanta Hawks team that can always surprise you.

5.) Monta Ellis: Ellis is lightning quick, and explosive as they come. He's a bad fit in Golden State, doesn't play much defense, shoots too much, and his attitude is lacking. He's been rumored in deals for two years, but hasn't been traded. He seems to me to be a guy that will struggle to find the perfect fit on a team, but when he does, he'll be dynamite. He's unstoppable going to the basket and has hit a lifetime of circus shots in 6 years. His potential is huge, and he can be a playmaker when he wants to

6.) Kevin Martin: Just a straight-up, pure scorer. He is surprisingly good at attacking the basket, he draws fouls and hits FTs, and he's dangerous beyond the arc. He doesn't do much else, but on a team looking for a guy to put the ball in the hoop, he's the man. If he can broaden his game, he'll become one of the better players in the league.

7.) Andre Iguodala: Iggy's a tough guy to figure out, but what we do know, is he can fuckin dunk the ball, he can be an elite defender, and he'll take you back with how good of a passer and floor general he can be. He can be considered a SF, but he spends a decent amount of time at the 2. Another guy that could be a championship player if he's utilized as a 2rd option behind two better players.

8.) Ray Allen: What can you say? The all-time leader in 3-pointers made. He's money from anywhere on the court, and he's underrated in other facets of the game. He's a better defender than most people realize, can rebound and pass the ball pretty well too. Only thing holding him back from being higher on my list is his age. If I had to choose, I'd pick any of the guys above him if I was looking for a future SG at this pont in his career.

9.) Jason Terry: My level of respect for JET sky-rocketed during the Finals. He kinda played like crap for two games. Then he talked a lot of shit and backed it up in a big way. Dude carried the Mavs down the stretch in Games 5 & 6, and had a gem of a game in Game 6. He's really a combo guard, and can serve as a PG when needed, but so can alot of these players. He's a great shooter, a servicable defender, and clutch as hell.

10.) J.R. Smith - As big of a knucklehead as they come, but few can get hot like JR. He needs to leave Denver because he and George Karl will never get along. He's got an all around scoring game, and after watching him in a few games, I was surprised to see he's actually pretty good at running a pick-and-roll. Only thing stopping him is himself.

11.) Jamal Crawford - Another combo guard, who has truly excelled as a 6th man in Atlanta. They probably won't retain him so the 31-year old journeyman will probably go to another team. I hope for his sake, it's another playoff team, because JC's as good of a dude as you'll find in the NBA. He's an underrated passer, and when it counts, he's proven to be clutch and trustworthy with the ball in his hands. He also has arguably the best handles in the league, and can get hot enough to drop 40 on any given night which is pretty special. His flaws are obvious, which keeps him from being higher.

12.) James Harden: He had a breakout playoffs, and I've always seen this guy as someone whol will develop into a terror. His beard is 2nd only to Brian Wilson's of the SF Giants, and the more he plays, the more he slowly reveals many of his talents. Put him in a pick-and-roll situation and he almost always makes the right play. A real up-and-comer.

13.) Jason Richardson: This is alot of J's in a row. Why are there so many good shooting guards with J in their name? J-Rich was pretty awesome in Phoenix, but he slowed down in Orlando. He wasn't bad as much as he just didn't seem to fit. Either way, he's a good shooter and scorer, and still has some springs in his legs.

14.) Wesley Matthews: Undrafted, he had a solid rookie season in Utah, and then broke out in Portland. I personally have never caught any of his games where he's played well, so that prevents him from being higher, but he's a good shooter and scorer, and has lots of upside to become a future staple in Portland

15.) DeMar DeRozan: I admittedly didn't know he was a SG, and he's 6'7", but ESPN lists him as a SG, so here he is. He's on a pretty bad team, and he was the Raptors' best player, which tells me he's not really a leader or fully developed. But as a sophomore he shot the ball well and averaged 17 ppg, which is nice. He has room to develop and could become a pretty good player in future years.

Honorable Mentions: Brandon Roy**, Marcus Thornton, OJ Mayo, Ben Gordon, Vince Carter, John Salmons

**It was super hard to leave Roy off this list. He just doesn't have it after all his knee problems and with reports that Portland might ask him to retire... I couldn't put him in the Top 15. Dude is still a really good player, and I hope for him he can somehow recover

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