Top 15 Centers

Sorry for the wait, I've been a bit busy. This is a tough list to make too, because centers are considered better than others for different reasons. Of all the lists, this one is more opinion-based because everybody has different opinions of what they wants centers to do. Here we go!

1.) Dwight Howard - Is it even really a question? He's miles ahead of any center in the game. Maybe he wouldn't be considered as good if he was playing during the '90s, but for this era of the NBA, he dominates pretty much everyone he plays, and he can dictate a game with his scoring, rebounding, and presence on the defensive end.


2.) Al Horford - Provocative, I know! He's really a PF, but for nearly his whole NBA career he's played center, thus I will list him as so. Horf is a talented scorer, whether it's posting up, attacking the basket, or shooting the mid-range J. He's also a super hard worker, a good rebounder and defender, really efficient, and considered the true leader of the Hawks. Take into account that he's only played 4 years in the league, and has already made 2 All-Star teams, it's tough for me not to rank him this high.

3.) Marc Gasol - He actually just had his worst season in the NBA statistically, but his impact for the up-and-comng Grizzlies has been tremendous. Again, his numbers don't tell the whole story, but Gasol is an efficient, diverse scorer, a good rebounder (though most of them get gobbled by Z-Bo), and a very good defender. He's also a good passer, and still quite young. Whenever there's a season, this guy is gonna get a big payday somewhere.

4.) Andrew Bynum - Kind of a tough call because I think he's slightly overrated, and he's never played a full season in the NBA. However, Bynum is at a point where when he does play, he makes a tremendous impact on the game, and he's starting to put up double-doubles pretty regularly. Again, if he can just stay healthy, he'll be one of the best.

5.) Andrew Bogut - Continuing the trend of highly skilled, highly injury-prone centers, is Andrew Bogut. Two seasons ago, when Milwaukee was actually good somehow, Bogut was a monster. Then he hurt his elbow, and hasn't been as good since. But regardless, he is one big body to put in the paint. He's a consistent double-double. He's got a great touch around the basket, he's a solid rebounder, among the best in the league at blocking shots, and according to ESPN, he also was among the best in drawing charges which is amazing for his size and shot blocking prowess. When he's fully healthy, I would actually consider him #2 in the league.

6.) Tyson Chandler - Another free agent due to get a big pay day whenever there is a season. Chandler kind of re-established his image this season by being the Mavericks' defensive cog, being their vocal leader according to various teammates, and doing whatever it takes on the court. I think in this day and age in the NBA, he's basically the perfect center: athletic, an ability to finish near the basket, rebound, block shots, and do the dirty work down low.

7.) Joakim Noah - Noah's another center who in this current NBA is all that you need. He can score the ball if he wants to, but he gets his points on garbage buckets. He's a tough, energy type of player, another good rebounder and defender. He signed an extension probably worth more than he is, but considering his age and what he does for his team, he's a very good center.

8.) Nene Hilario - Some people would have Nene higher up on this list, but I dropped him down a bit, because outside of his offense (which is great), he doesn't rebound very well, and his effort on defense is often lacking. Regardless, he's a good center who shoots a high percentage from the field, and he'll likely get a big contract somewhere this season.

9.) Tim Duncan - He's often considered a PF, but I put him on the centers list because he these days he plays as the big man for San Antonio. It's kind of sad to see Duncan slowing down, but he's still got a little left in him. Pop has scaled back his minutes so Duncan's numbers have gone down. However, he's still very good, and he's got that presence about him that you just feel safe with him on the court. Considering his age though, I ranked him below the other players on this list.

10.) Marcin Gortat - I'm a big fan of Gortat, and was extremely impressed after watching him play in Phoenix this past season. True, his numbers were likely inflated by playing up-tempo and with the best set-up man in the league, but even still, he really stepped up his game. He's a solis body, athletic for his size, a great finisher around the basket, and he rebounds and plays some solid defense. Given his age and reasonable contract, he should be on his way up.

11.) Andrea Bargnani - Considering he's the 2nd best scoring center in the league, this might seem kind of low, but I have an issue with putting Bargnani too high. He's a great shooter, but I do consider him pretty soft, he's a poor rebounder, and too often doesn't exert himself on defense. Not to mention his nice stats come form being the best player on a very poor team.

12.) Al Jefferson - He arguably should be higher, and as I write this I'm second guessing myself, but I'm too lazy to rearrange any of this. But when you look at it, Jefferson has never been a major piece on a playoff team. He does have great hands, and he's one of the better back-to-the-basket scorers in the league. However, he can be pretty lazy when it comes to rebounding and defense, and until he changes that, he's #12 on my list. So, ha!

13.) Brook Lopez - Pretty much the same tihng I wrote for Andrea Bargnani applies to Brook. Except he's lower because he rebounds even less, and he can't shoot 3's. I don't want to rip on Brook too much because he actually is a good scorer, he just kind of needs to give a shit about other thinfs a little more.

14.) Kendrick Perkins - Yep, I put Perkins this low. Truth be told, I think he's benefitted immensely from being the center on a championship team 4 years ago. That's not to say he isn't good. He's a great team guy, a big body, and a good defender. However, he's very slow, and whatever he converts on offense always just seems extremely lucky. He did obviously have an impact on the Celtics though, and he made a big difference on OKC, so I can't take that away from him. I just think for his skills, other guys do what he does just as well but with more offensive benefits.

15.) Emeka Okafor - It came down between Emeka, and Roy Hibbert. I chose Emeka because even though Hibbert scores more, Okafor is a much better defender, he knows his offensive limits and scores at a nice %, and he uses his body well to clog up the lane. He's a flawed player for sure, but overall, you can't ask too much more of your center.

Honorable Mentions: Roy Hibbert, Chris Kaman, DeAndre Jordan, Channing Frye, Anderson Varejao, Samuel Dalembert, Marcus Camby JaVale McGee

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