Voiding All Contacts, A Possibility?

Most of you already probably know this, but recently the NBA threatened to void all current player contracts if the Player's Union Decertified. (If you don't know, read this: ).


So you may be asking, what does that mean? I think (I may be wrong tho) it means that every team in the league would have no players and every player would be a free agent. So what does that make? That makes pandemonium!

Hopefully we don't lose a season, but if this were to happen it would be pretty amazing for us.

Obviously this is extremely unlikely but considering the lack of bball talk we have in a lockout, I figured it would be a fun topic to discuss. Build your perfect team (under cap rules)


Think about it... There'd still be a cap but we'd have pretty much the choice of whoever we want (assuming they'd want to come to NY.

So for this discussion, lets assume that the cap is at $58 million and is semi-hard (hard but you can go over to retain players, which doesn't affect anything now, just for future re-signings). Lets assume that we see contracts shortened and lowered. I wasn't sure whether or not to keep the current rules regarding experience and contract size, so lets assume any player can make any money (i.e instead of guys like Derrick Rose and Blake Griffin being restricted to lower deals because of their age/experience, they can now make as much as somebody like Kobe, LeBron, etc.)

What would I do?

Sign Dwight Howard to a deal starting at $14 million.

Sign Carmelo Anthony to a deal starting at $14 million.

Sign Chris Paul to a deal starting at $14 million.

Cap total so far: $42 million. Leaves us with $16 million.

Sign either Arron Afflalo, Wes Mathews for $5 million.

Sign Lamar Odom or Paul Milsap for $5 million.

That sets the starting line up.

Leave the $6 million to fill out the bench.

Try to get a scoring punch like JR Smith or Jamal Crawford. Add a solid PG like Luke Ridnour or Ramon Sessions. Pick up an energy big man like Chris Andersen, Ronny Turiaf or Chuck Hayes. The rest could be minimum guys like Shawne Williams, James Jones, etc.

I really wanted to re-add Amar'e, but it doesn't seem logical with so many younger and better players available unless he's willing to take a smaller deal. Another scenario is similar to the one listed, but add Amar'e (for $12 mil) and Steve Nash or Steph Curry (for $7 mil) instead of Chris Paul and Odom/Mislap.

I was also tempted to just make a team that had some insane young talent (with a vet or 2) like: John Wall, Ray Allen, Tayshaun Prince, Blake Griffin, and Demarcus Cousins.

So lets see your team you'd create! 

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