Rookie of the Year: Will it be like 2009-2010?

The Nba is now a point guard league. I don't know what that means for the era of the wing, but in 2009-2010 we officially entered the age of the PG. We just woke up one day and suddenly there was a bunch of talented PG's running the floor. The question is are we going to see another point guard battle for Rookie of the Year similar to the one we saw in 2009-2010.

Although there are many BIGS in this draft, there is one reason why this could turn out to be another PG clash. Because many of the BIGS who were drafted as foreign players may not show up to play this year. Jonas Valanciunas, Nikola Vucevic, Donatas Montiejunas and Bismack Biyombo, will any of these guys be in the league this year?

In the mean time there are actually a number of PG's from the 1st and into the 2nd round that are very talented. Kemba Walker, Kyrie Irving, Iman Shumpert, Isaiah Thomas, Reggie Jackson, Darius Morris, Brandon Knight and yours truly Jimmer Fredette. Oh and let's not forget Josh Selby, Ricky Rubio plus Norris Cole. That's quite a number of talented PG's.

There were many successful floor runners back in 09-10, but I've narrowed the best of that season down to the seven most important. Amongst those only 4 are rookies, 2 are sophomores and one was leading his team to an NBA finals appearance. I think you should know whom I talking about. Tyreke Evans, Stephen Curry, Brandon Jennings, Darren Collison, Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo.

Amongst these 7 what we experienced in 09-10 is Rose and Westbrook taking their games to another level, Rondo leading the Celtics to the finals, Darren Collison with a successful late run. But most importantly there was a BIG 3 clash that went on between Jennings, Evans and Curry. That clash is my main focus. Can that specific 3 way clash be reenacted, and if so by whom. Plus who will play that 4th odd man out, Darren Collison.

In my opinion there are 6 prospects for such a battle: Kemba Walker, Jimmer Fredette, Kyrie Irving, Josh Selby, Isaiah Thomas and Iman Shumpert. I love these guys the most, but I've narrowed this list down to my primary choices. Iman Shumpert, Jimmer Fredette and Kemba Walker for the BIG 3 ROY clash.

Isaiah Thomas: Why Not?

I love what I read about him in the impact league, but I don't think he'll actually get enough time on the Kings roster, but there is a chance he could outplay Jimmer.

Josh Selby: Why Not?

It's the same issue as Thomas. He's got to deal with OJ Mayo, Michael Conley, Tony Allen, Sam Young and Rudy Gay. Can he get by all of that? Don't think so.

Kyrie Irving: Why Not?

He isn't a great athlete. Other than that he only played a small number of games in college. I believe he could turn out to be the Darren Collison of this year's rookie class, but if he starts late he won't be ROY. And he's already injured.

Kemba Walker: Why Walker?

Walker is the perfect option for ROY because he mixes talent with extreme athleticism, these type of players usually establish the best stats and become ROY. He's super quick and athletic, but a bad shooter. A near perfect comparison with Tyreke Evans.

Jimmer Fredette: Why Jimmer?

I don't know but maybe Fredette is a derivative of the word "free" as in World B Free, but one thing is for certain, he's close to being a Steph Curry clone. Nuff said.

Iman Shumpert: Why Shumpert?He's wasn't suppose to be here, but here he is tearing up the impact league. Very similar to Jennings, both were athletic and love to shoot.

Out of all 3 gentlemen, Jimmer's game like Curry's balances the bad shooter, and pure scorer with an all around game so Jimmer does have a serious chance of getting the ROY.

Why this BIG 3 may have different circumstances?

When you compare the players on my list with the players from 09-10 there are differences between their games or situations.

Jimmer vs Stephen

Like I said their style is similar, the difference is more situational. I think Jimmer's team is more complete with effective talent from front to back, but more importantly there is the Thomas threat that only Azuibuke could fill for Curry, and he got injured. That means Jimmer has some serious competition.

Shumpert vs Jennings

Each gentlemen had quality teams, but it's worse for Iman. He'll never be the first option in his rookie year on his team. More importantly, there is a major size differential between these 2 players. Shumpert may play like Jennings but he's an oversized PG like Evans. He also has more weight which could help him have a better start to his career. He's also been working very hard on his jumper, I can't say the same about Jennings during his rookie summer. It's ironic that Jennings is suddenly gaining weight, but he'll never be as tall as Shumpert.

Tyreke vs Kemba

It's the reverse of Iman and Brandon. Kemba is a true PG in height and Tyreke is oversized. Kemba also has competition from DJ Augustin, Tyreke had no real competitor.

Challengers to PG dominance

There were several noteable challenger's to a PG ROY 2 seasons ago and there are challenger's today. One big time challenge came from Griffin, but he got injured. Today's challenger's include Tristan and Klay Thompson, Derrick Williams, Marshon Brooks and the Morris twins. Derrick Williams is most similar to Griffin out of that group, and fits the description of an high athletic talent. I honestly don't believe in him, but that doesn't mean he won't seize the moment.

History repeats itself, but nothing happens the same way twice. The current reality is already different from th 09-10 season.

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