The P&T Knicktion Contest!

You could use this as a prompt. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

Y'all ready for this? I mentioned a few weeks back that I wanted to host a fiction contest to occupy and entertain those of us deprived of our Knicks for too long a time. A number of you expressed interest, so here we are. Starting at this moment, I am accepting (and expecting, which is what I originally typed) submissions to the P&T Knicktion Contest. The guidelines are, at least for now, simple and liberal. If you're interested, take the jump for 'em.

1. Submitters ought to read this list of guidelines.

2. Submissions are to be between 150 and 2,000 words. This is completely arbitrary, (although the maximum word count for a post may be somewhere up around 2,000) but try and follow it. That's a pretty massive margin. Also, they should be at least tangentially related to the Knicks, but go nuts.

3. Submissions are to be emailed to me, not posted as Fanposts. This way I can collect, organize, and present the pieces in a way that's most pleasing to me and the community. To alert me to the fact that I have received a Knicktion contest submission, please include that (non-) word in your subject line. I won't make y'all send me emails that say "dolphin tits" like usual, although you're welcome to use that in your subject line as well.

4. I kind of expect these submissions to be on the creepy side, but the usual P&T posting/commenting guidelines apply: Tasteful profanity is admitted and encouraged, within reason. Any content that is even remotely hateful is forbidden. If you're uncertain about something, feel free to email me.

5. Above and beyond the P&T posting/commenting guidelines, these should be readable. Try and punctuate and capitalize and spell and grammar stuff proper-like. Poetry might be acceptable if it's, like, epic.

6. Give your submission a title, probably. If you don't, I'm going to title it "Girl, Interrupted 2: The Reckoning".

7. Let me know if you want me to refer to you by your real name, your P&T username, or some other nom de plume when I post your submission.

7.5. Submit only once, I think.

8. We'll eventually vote to determine the most wonderful submission. I imagine we'll do it with a straightforward poll, but that'll be figured out as we go along. Same deal with the winner's prize: probably a t-shirt, but we'll figure that out later.

That's all I can think of. Speak up if you have any questions or concerns. I hope many of you submit entries!

Oh, a deadline. Let's call it Sunday, September 25th for now, but I might change that one way or another depending on the flow of submissions, ya feel me?

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