Knicks Reels Weekly Issue #3

Maaaaaaaan. It's been a tumultuous week for us Knicks fans. And yet, nothing has changed. That's the only way I'd have my NBA team's regular season--tumultuous. If it's the playoffs? Absolutely go ahead and sweep all haters. When it's the regular season, though...yeah, I'm all for a little soul-searching and team-building. Tonight against Sacramento, we got some of that regular season ish served on a silver platter--whipped up by the newly promoted starting PF Josh Harrellson and the surprisingly mercurial Landry Fields. Both of them stepped up tonight (simultaneously through their individual contributions and their radiating effect on overall team ball movement), so I'm making them the headliners in my--as always--heavily researched video clip selections.


To all of you who are still curious as to how Jorts remembers the bestowing of his nickname, he spells it out in a polite fashion in this clip:

Ah. aHAHA. YESSIR, young rook. But what makes Jorts Jorts?

I appreciate the swag in the above video...keep bringing it to the pro-level. But what about our unquestionably favorite son, Landry Fields? Are their any clips out there that most of us have yet to witness? I searched YouTube and beyond to find this one, made by one of Landry's legendary uber-fans:

One more gander at Lander(y), for good measure...this is a signature Landry moment from early last season, when Fields showed us all how he can make plays without being featured offense...he's starting to show signs of life in this area of his game over the last two games...

OK, that's enough of a tribute to those two fellas; again though, MDA & Co. needs to focus on how to make those two youngsters (and other non-STAT/MELO players like them) active offensive contributors moving forward this season.

But let's move on...I started this issue with a strange desire to see what kind of player Amare was from the beginning...this is the earliest clip I could find:

As I suspected; he made fools of people from the get-go. I want to see him start doing this again, as soon as that ankle is 100%. Come on STAT; New York loves you first and foremost, and we know what you can do. Bring the aggression...even if I like your newly discovered 3-pt range.

I also thought our most recently-added starting center had a nice game tonight, and I felt obliged to include at least one TC clip in this issue. Melo and Tyson had a connection like this in tonight's game, but this one from the first game against BOS is a good substitute, and the only one available on YouTube:

And finally, here's the classic Knicks Clip for the week, featuring one of my favorites, Earl Monroe, describing his general career path (including non-NYK moments):

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