Hello I am here to fix your offense.

The Knicks offensive problems can be fixed before Davis takes the court. But here is what needs to happen.

1. Carmelo needs to take better shots and play faster with the ball: People complain about Carmelo's Isos, I don't really care that he Isos but he needs to clean up certain aspects.

A. Carmelo calls for Isos too early in the clock rather than looking to score off ball movement and player movement. Limit Isos to 8 seconds or less.

B. Carmelo holds the ball too long thus killing ball and player movement. Off the catch Carmelo either needs to shoot, drive, or give it up. Holding it while 4 guys stand there holding their dicks should never be an option.

C. Get to the rim: Carmelo takes far too many low percentage jumpshots out of his Isos. If he is gonna Iso as much as he does then he needs to be far more efficient at it. Get to the rim or get to the free throw line, if that isn't happening give up the iso game.

2. Play Mike Bibby More: This move comes with a risk because Bibby has been relegated to spot duty off the bench because his defense is atrocious. But Bibby is in his 13th year and he spent the majority of the previous 12 as a fairly successful starting point guard. This means he has some understanding of how to run an offense and keep thing structured. However, as bad as the offense has been and as poor as the point guard play has been, playing Bibby more couldn't be worse.

3. Play faster: The Knicks are struggling to score against set defenses in the half court. So the best way to deal with that is to pick up the tempo and try to attack teams before they get set.

4. Move the ball: The reason the Knicks are having trouble scoring is the ball movement is poor, and because it is poor hardly anyone can get any rhythm. Players need to touch the ball to develop a rhythm, so the more the ball moves the better shots the team with get and the better prepared the team will be to hit those shots.

5. Consider giving Novak more minutes: Same problem as Bibby the dude can't guard a statue, but he is a shooter and right now the Knicks are struggling to find guys who can make shot, especially off the bench. He was signed because he can shoot, and I would give him a look over the next couple of games and see what he does.

6. Tell Landry to drive more: While Landry gets in trouble when he over dribbles, he does do some nice things when he drives. The more guys looking to get into the paint the better.

7. Put Amare on the Left elbow: the spacing problems between Amare and Chandler are a result of Amare not finding a comfortable spot to stay. Amare likes the left elbow and so does Melo, well Amare needs the left elbow more than Melo so he should get it. Putting Amare where he is comfortable will help get him going.

8. Ten shots a game for Tyson: Chandler is very effective when he gets the ball, problem is he does not get it enough to be effective. If you are going to run PNR with him he needs to get touches out of it, that will collapse the defense around him and create space for Amare to curl in behind the PNR and get shots in the paint.

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