All together now... "I told you so". Now what?

Granted, there is nothing more obnoxious than someone saying "I told you so"... but here we are. I myself didn't want the star show from the beginning (track my posts if you must), especially the Melo star.

Many of you also did not want to use the cap space Walsh so deftly earned on players such as Carmelo Anthony... players who clearly had talent and skill and the ability to accumulate statistics, but had also earned the reputation as "me first" guys, "coach killers", "ball stoppers", "chuckers", or "locker room cancers".

Sure, statistics matter. They're indicators of ability. But they can also be extremely misleading... as some of us have always known and some of us are just figuring out. Sometimes we just know a guy isn't going to be, or can't be... "the guy."

George Karl knew with Carmelo. Even Mike D'Antoni knew in Phoenix with younger Amare. Yet the statistics and the highlight reels drug us... like roofies in our whiskey. Some of you got roofied... some of us did not... but either way, we're all paying for it now.

So here we are... in the January we all wanted to be spending gloating to the NBA world... instead reeling again in the all-to-familiar place of cap space hell and roster-ROT.

But all is not lost. There is hope... Walsh proved this to us despite the Dolan-hope-killers of the world. The Igoudala's and Feltons and Gallinari's and Horry's and Odom's and Fishers and Starks's and Oakley's and Battier's and Mugsy's are out there. There's a league filled with players who play the right way. Players who play for team. Players who actually leave it all on the court... rather than talking about leaving it on the court.

Trades can be made, and we shouldn't worry about getting "equal value". We should only worry about facilitating change, and I'm not advocating for a Melo swap for Juwan Howard. I'm talking about finding a team with youngish, hard working, talented guys with reputations of being team-first, blood sweat and tears guys and figuring out the salaries. I'm talking about valuing addition by subtraction. I'm talking about dumping celebrity and bringing in competitors.

So use this post how you want... but my suggestion is that you use it:

1) To tell everyone how you "told us so"... OR...

2) To suggest the changes you would make to the roster (but please, no more "give it time" or coaching tips... that ship has past).

I'll start... I FU%KING NEW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN... I wanted iggy. I wanted to keep Wilson and Gallo and Ray. I'd rather have gotten Deron more than Melo. I knew Melo was a "chuck and locker room cancer". I wanted guys named Mahinmi and Ridnour and McRoberts and Earl Clark and Joey Dorsey (oops, may be under-mining my argument, but you get the point) to fill out our roster more than the back pages of our gossip hungry city newspapers.

And now I want to swap either Melo or Stat for Lowry, Mo Williams, Caron Butler, Goran Dragic, Patrick Patterson, Ryan Anderson, JJ Reddick, Luis Scola, Eric Bledsoe, Steph Curry, David Lee, Demarr Derozan, Jose Calderon, Amir Johnson, Leandro Barbosa, JJ HIckson, Jason Thompson... or Iggy... and maybe I'll consider Deron or Dwight.

Damn this sucks... but at least I have you guys... pause.

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