Live From Nassau Coliseum! My Completely Unnecessary Knicks-Nets Recap

Hey, basketbros! I got to go to the game tonight and I just got home. There was a lot of things happened that I found interesting/funny and since you're all just as crazy about this team as me, I thought you might be interested. It's probably completely unnecessary because Seth exists and his recap will be a bajillion times better, but there's stuff I want to comment on. So I apologize if this is boring and terrible, but whatever.

Anyway, this will be heavily first half stuff because I actually took notes on my phone.


  • As you can see, I was in the nosebleeds. The seats were higher than I knew the Coliseum went. I couldn't even see the scoreboard. It was also a strange setup because of the whole hockey thing.
  • When the starting lineups were announced all the Knicks got cheered, the Nets got a smattering of mixed cheers and boos. So it was clearly a Knicks crowd
  • Deron Williams was introduced as "The Great Deron Williams." I'm not sure he's earned the "the great" moniker. I mean, no offense, but Alexander the Great conquered a large chunk of the world to earn his "the great," while Deron Williams was merely very very good at a sporting game called basketball. Similarly, Catherine the Great and Peter the Great were world leaders. Maybe it's different because the "the great" came before his name, but that just made me think he's attempting to become a magician with his beautiful assistant Joe Johnson.
  • Before the game started, Tyson walked over to the far corner of the court from the Knicks bench. He looked like a predator roaming his domain. The fans sitting there went absolutely nuts. It really pumped him up. Pumped me up too. Did he do this last season or is this new? I don't remember him doing it. I like it.
  • When Tyson went down I audibly gasped and just said "no, no, no" over and over again. I almost cried. When he got up and walked off on his own I felt a little better, but he was limping at first. Then the limp disappeared and I relaxed. I was pretty confident it wouldn't be serious.
  • In the first few seconds Felton was called for a foul for the act of playing defense. He responded by playing the rest of the defensive possession with his hands behind his back. What a snarky little penguin.
  • Our defense started really strong, but offense was terrible. Lots of airballs. In fact, throughout the game our defense seemed stout I was really proud. Part of the offensive struggles were because the game started off really slow. It seemed like the players were just doing a run through of a game. Then, in the second quarter things picked up and they finally went full speed. Also, strangely, Melo seemed to dog it on offense in some possessions, he just seemed lackadaisical. But on the defensive end and on the glass, he really brought it. The opposite of his reputation.
  • Novak behind the back pass! Biggest ooh and ahh of the first half.
  • It was unnerving to hear the announcer refer to Josh Childress as J Chill. The nickname thing continued throughout the game and seemed really weird. I guess its one of those mistakes a team completely relaunching makes. Deron was called D Will, which was weird, but less creepy. He also referred to Andray Blatche as the Zero Hero, which doesn't sound complimentary (another time he called him Andray An-Dray Blatche). I'm pretty sure he called CJ Watson the Quiet Storm once. It was confusing.
  • It's still weird to hear "Timeout Brooklyn"
  • The most electric the crowd got in the first half was when the Brooklyn cheerleaders came out and began throwing t-shirts into the crowd. Everyone stood up and went crazy even though it was an overwhelmingly Knicks crowd and they were no doubt throwing Nets t-shirts. This once again proved that people will do anything for a free t-shirt.
  • Speaking of the Nets cheerleaders, the outfits don't look as bad in person, but I couldn't stop focusing on how uncomfortable the boots looked. Those heels were just recklessly high. I kept feeling like the cheerleaders were going to fall over as they danced and threw out t-shirts. I think I was right because when they came out for their dance routine and then a second round of t-shirt throwing in the second half they were wearing sneakers (Also, they danced to remixes of Jay-Z songs. Shocking, I know).
  • It's still weird to hear "Brooklyn Ball"
  • Nick from Smithtown pretty much dominated the shooting competition in between the first and second quarters.
  • At some point the announcer advertised for Islander season tickets in their new home: The Barclay's Center. I know this was supposed to be a Nets home game, but it was kind of an odd choice given the timing and location. People booed.
  • But the loudest boos of the night were saved for Jose Reyes.
  • CJ Watson is a nifty little player. Props to him.
  • Here's a real life exchange from the game:

When Brewer subbed in for Kidd

My Dad: Who's gonna run the point?
Me: Prigioni.
My Dad: Who's that?
Me: You'll see.

Two minutes, Two Prigioni steals, and Two Prigioni assists later

My Dad: This Pagani's a pretty good player!

By the end of the first half

My Dad: I really like Pablo!
Me: We all do, Dad. We all do.

  • Speaking of Brewer, he came out looking exactly how you'd expect a guy who hasn't played in weeks to play. But he seemed to gain competence with every possession he played. He's still rusty, but I'm completely confident in him now.
  • I think instead of calling James White "Flight White" we should call him "That Guy." There were a number of times that I forgot he was on the floor. He's just out there playing, not really doing anything, but not doing anything wrong. Playing solid D. Then he'll remind you he's on the floor by doing something crazy athletic or awesome and you'll be like "Oh right! That guy!"
  • Henry Sims has some good moves. He could be a good rebounder if he'd hold onto the ball better. He was also tussling with Andray Blatche a lot. Blatche would sometimes straight school him and sometimes he'd really beat Blatche. Except every time he beat Blatche, Blatche would act like it was the greatest insult of all time and would often complain to the refs.
  • As much as I love Sheed, I kinda want Sims to make the team now (I think we can all agree that Copeland's earned a spot already). I liked his hustle and I can't imagine Sheed actually playing. Maybe Sheed can be like a coach or something? Is there a limit on the number of coaches you can have.
  • The fourth quarter turned into a big ball of giddy madness. The court action was fun and super happy, the crowd was jubilant, and the Knicks starters were all off the bench cheering the backups madly. In fact, the entire bench was on their feet and during every stop in action they'd come running and jumping onto the court celebrating the guys on the court. It was great.
  • Also great, even though the bench was mostly tamped down in OT, Melo was still on his feet and was doing the Discount Triple Check belt after both of Novak's 3s
  • Ultimately, my opinion of the Nets is the same I had before. They're a very talented team that will win a lot of games, but will have some chemistry issues to work out throughout the season and have defensive problems plague them throughout the year. I feel more confident in the Knicks than before if only because everyone on the team were on their feet cheering on the camp invites in the 4th quarter.

So, that's my take. Sorry it was so long and sorry if it was boring. But I was so excited I just had to share! It was a lot of fun!

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