Knicktion: The horsemen approach

Warning this is my first attempt at this, and its probably awful. Please let me know if it is so I never waste your time again! Enjoy?


"Goddamit he's done it again," said the older man pouring over film and sheets filled with numbers and names. He was sitting in a dark room with his back to the doorway. His silhouette alone was enough to bring shivers down any man's spine who did not know what he was approaching.

"What master?" the young apprentice asked? "Who is he?"

The young apprentice couldn't understand the old man's contempt. He knew that everything around him was more than a game, but could not grasp the gravity of the situation. To him the plan was falling into place.

"Glen," said the old man. "how is he able to recover from these debacles so quickly? There must be something I am missing! Go, go away I must learn his secrets. Prepare the plan, we must begin at once."

The young apprentice disappeared into the dark bowels of American Airlines Arena as his master continued to sit in the dark. He did not like to sit in the back rooms plotting all of the time, but today was of grave importance. Everything he had been building was about to culminate in his former home.

Everything about New York made the man cringe. It's people? Disgusting and arrogant. The streets? Dirty and crowded. The air? Polluted as fuck. He couldn't handle it, everything about that city made him age rapidly. The pizza especially, the greasier it was the older he looked the next day. He had to get out, so he faxed his way to South Beach.

The warmth, the women, the beach it made him age slower. It was a miracle. Here is where he could introduce his plan to revolutionize what was to many just a game. He could work methodically, realizing he would not grow older and tormenting his former home as much as he could.

He bided his time, waiting for the right moment for everything to come together. Waiting for everyone, yes everyone to be caught off guard.


"Master says we ride tonight." The young apprentice stood in front of three men. Their faces hidden by hoods as they sat atop four pitch-black stallions with red eyes.

"We remember everything you told us. We won't worry about our placement when bring our destruction" said the middle of the three men. He was not the tallest of the three, but was most certainly the most talented.

"Ray come on out" said the apprentice laughing maniacally. "ITS TIME!"

Appeared a fourth man with just as talent as the rest. His horse neighed louder than any of the three men had heard as it fed off their energy. The plan was complete, the four horsemen rode off quicker than the wind.


Jeremy Lin provided the perfect distraction. The media descended upon "The Greatest City on Earth" while the old man could work in peace. He knew no one would expect him to secure the 4th horsemen after winning a championship. How could he? He had already accomplished his goals. He had done it.

So they thought.

The youth provided by South Beach allowed the old man to regain his emperor status. And with that status he could unleash his true powers. The old man made sure to "communicate" to Morey that the deal needed to be a headache. He would be rewarded for his contributions at the 11th hour with the knowledge of the plan and how to work with it. His reward would be so unexpected and liberating that another distraction would mask the old man's plot when it was time to begin.

The old man did not expect his new foe to be so cunning. Instead of unwittingly eating the poison pill, he foresaw the danger and ran. He ran into the streets filled with sin and disgust the drove the old man away, which allowed him to asses the situation clearly.

Glen had the pieces, but he needed the depth, and that's what he did. He looked for the cast-offs, the bargains, and the unexpected. He found the wise men of yesteryear that knew how to stop these threats. It was their knowledge that would be the savior.


The horsemen began their ride up the seaboard of east as it was ravaged by weather of their natural habitat. Perfect, another distraction. Simultaneous storms both literal and figurative in the media in Los Angeles, Houston, and New York would make this the grand debut one for the history books. The one that would reap destruction and change everything forever.

It would begin on Friday night, the most vulnerable of nights.


Outside a man surveyed the damage. "Not Phenomenal."

His car floated away, while his knee was too weak to chase it. Even with the help of crutches it would be 6 weeks before he could chase after what he believed in.

As despair began to sink in 14 others appeared behind him.

"Are you ready" the leader asked him?

"How can I be? Everything is destroyed and I don't have my suit for tonight, even if there is power on across town."

"Relax Stat, we're a team. A team that is ready to confront this evil head on. I know I was selfish in the past, but the men of yesteryear have given me and the others the knowledge to survive. Remember what 'Keem told you?"

"Yes. How can I forget the revelations?"

"Good. That knowledge will be very useful when the time is right, you know that. As for tonight, we got lucky its off. One more day to lick our wounds and go come back stronger than ever. You feel that wind? That cold breeze that makes your spine shiver? It means they are coming. The four of them. But we have 15 of us to stop them. That includes you, as you are one of us. Tomorrow we make our stand even if it is when we are at our weakest. The storm has passed and we survived. The Heat that comes after will not subdue us. We stand united as only Knicks can."

The speech was passionate and more importantly truthful. They all believed what they heard and the man on crutches could only utter one word before they went into battle "Phenomenal."

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