"You Wanna Play, Rasheed?" and Other Leftovers from Knicks-Heat


Videos 'n' .gifs 'n' quotes 'n' such.

Hey. My recap of last night's tremendously entertaining Knicks-Heat game is here. This post is just a li'l museum of artifacts from the evening for us to enjoy now, then maybe come back and visit when times aren't so good. I encourage y'all to keep finding/making .gifs and videos and stuff after interesting games. They'll probably end up in posts like this one.

- Anyway, we were treated to Rasheed Wallace's Knicks debut last night. The Knicks were up big, the Heat had surrendered, and the crowd was chanting "RA-SHEED WAL-LACE", so Mike Woodson pulled Sheed off the bench and let him spin. I was watching the MSG feed, so I missed the wonderful details of the exchange:

Every time I watch that, I'm over here like "ha, ha aw, aw man, awww". I love it. I love it so much I want to watch it over and over and over and over and...hey, look at that:



Thanks, B.Rush!

- And here's the full video of Sheed checking in and eventually drilling that three:

- As is his wont, Sheed also churned out a few choice quips after the game. Here he is on previous trips to New York as an opposing player (and perhaps a clue regarding the Heat's lethargy last night):

"It was really hard for the simple fact, with it being New York, it’s a lot of things to do here in the city," Wallace, who spent the first nine seasons of his career in Washington and Portland, said in the Knicks locker room.

"And especially if you were that West Coast team, it’s like OK I’m out here for this one game or one night so I’m going to go here and have some fun and then that next day is the hard part because you gotta play against a bunch of good athletes and you gotta be in tip-top shape."

Oh, and:

"Oh yeah, I accept my Brian Scalabrine role. I’m cool with it."


- Here's Raymond Felton's wild, zig-zaggy dance into the paint that ended in a corner three for Carmelo Anthony. That second crossover is so fast you can barely detect it in real time. I also didn't realize how nifty that pass was:

- ESPN's Mark Simon provides us with the graphic representation of New York's wacky production from the field last night:

- These "courtside view" highlights strike me more as "we made Jonah sit behind some kid with a huge hat" highlights, but they're highlights.

- And here's Carmelo Anthony's address to the fans last night.

That's all for now! The Knicks are finishing up practice as I write this, and I'll post with anything that comes from that (sounds like Tyson Chandler's got the flu, but will still probably play tomorrow) once the reports have all arrived. <3

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