Did the Knicks do something right this off-season?

Over the years the Knicks have been torturous to watch. They've been equally torturous to watch off the court too with their signings and trades. Do I need to mention Eddy Curry like things? Don't make me.

But there was a change this off-season. In a very unexpected way if I may add. Donnie Walsh said peace and Glen Grunwald said hello, hello, hello! Mike Woodson was given the head coaching reigns. A man who's goatee can't even be properly depicted on NBA 2k13. A man who's defensive schemes could sink a battle ship in just one shouting of coordinates! A man who wears his emotion on his face, shown by his 1,000,000,000,000 facial expressions per game. This useless rhetoric is just that, but Woody is our coach now.

Fast forward to sometime in July, a mid July afternoon. There were rumors the Knicks would not match Lin's offer sheet from the get go. There was something weird going on organizationally. When news broke that the Knicks acquired Raymond Felton via sign and trade from the Blazers, it hinted that Lin would not be wearing blue and orange in 2012-2013.

I remember the countless threads bashing ownership, especially Dolan. Some said it was the absolute worst move in franchise history. This one of the biggest fallacies of the entire off-season. Not matching for Jeremy Lin was not the worst move in Knicks history. Trust me, I wish it was. Like others who agree with me, it wasn't even in the top 10 of worst moves ever made by Dolan. Which is why we hate him so much.

Jeremy Lin signed a 3 year $25 million (approximately) with the Houston Rockets. Sure the Knicks could have matched that. He's a great point guard, but he requires the ball in his hands a lot. At one point of the season last year his USG% was over 30. It regressed to just 28%, but that's most likely a product of Melo coming back. I'm not saying the offense could haven't been productive with both Melo and Lin. But the Knicks already had Melo and Amar'e fighting for ball time. Now you possibly have all three? It just wouldn't work without one of them sacrificing their numbers. It sounds selfish, but these guys are all playing for future contracts after all.

Don't get me wrong, I love Lin and I wish him the best, but after three games I like our new point guard trio.

For starters, Felton isn't fat! He's also pretty quick on the court. Felton is physical and I feel he has better ball handling skills than Lin. He crossed up LeBron and dished out a corner three to Melo. I know, one play, but still! It was LeBron!

Jason Kidd is an old man, but he's efficient and makes a lot of smart plays. His steals are sliders up on NBA 2k-esque. Kidd sets his teammates up well while making a lot of smart passes. He can also teach Felton a thing or two.

Prigioni, well what can't I say? His passes are beautiful. I feel like this guy is some sort of Italian, but he's not. I'll keep making Italian references though, I don't care! I like a point guard who's pass first. He's a pest after scores, he's like the guy you play in NBA 2k who doesn't drop back on defense after sinking a bucket. He lurks, awaiting to pick off your pass or get a quick steal. I love that! Oh and his traily play to J.R. was asdfasgfdfb.

So yea I love Lin, but Dolan might have made the right move. The Knicks are 3-0 due to their complimentary players like the three mentioned above. Melo is our star, but then you have guys who just need to do their job and the game is won. Just think when Shumpert eventually returns. The depth for this team has no limits. Three solid point guards, three solid shooting guards and a bunch of talented forwards. Oh and a Sheed. We have a Sheed.

Age brings wisdom... and alzheimers, but these dudes did not forget how to ball.

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