When Ex-Knicks and Current Fans Collide

What's up P&T? I want to discuss something that's been bothering me lately.

During game-threads, I've been confused by the attitudes of certain people toward former members of the Knicks. I'm puzzled, because I'm seeing so much hatred for the same players/coaches that we adored just a short while ago.

Now, I'm not saying we must follow the careers and continually root for the success of certain players/coaches just because they used to be a part of the Knicks. If they're on a different team now, I want to beat them badly (and I think 99% of us are in agreement on that).

What I am saying is: These people spent a lot of effort and time toiling for our beloved Knickerbockers, and even though they've moved on, I think that should garner our respect and appreciation (and at the least some common human decency).

Here are some examples of what I'm talking about...

When the Knicks play the Warriors you'll see comments like:

David Lee is a whiny bitch! He's useless. I'm so glad we shipped his ass to Golden State. He didn't care about winning. He just wanted to get paid. Yo, I always hated Lee when he was on the Knicks.

If you don't know, David Lee (although useless on defense) was one of the classiest, hard-working guys during some of the darkest days in the Knicks organization. He deserves your appreciation.

What makes me mad is the fact that some of you spineless humps typing hatred for David Lee were the same nancies running around your living room squealing in ecstasy after Lee's numerous highlights including hard dunks, splendid passes, tough rebounds, and numerous game winners (against Memphis, Washington, Charlotte-the tip in with .1 seconds left)

When the Knicks play the Nuggets you'll see comments like:

Danilo Gallinari is a flopping little bitch. He sucks. He's soft. I'm so glad he's not on the Knicks anymore. He's a chucker. He doesn't understand the game. Yo, I heard he was gay.

Let's get this out of the way first: Yes, Gallo is a flopper. That being said, our game threads were lit up with praise and adoration for him during his brief tenure here. We danced in front of our screens and made cock jokes whenever he'd amaze us with a clutch 3 point bomb, or a surprise posterization, or a slick school yard dribbling move. He didn't even leave the Knicks by choice. He got traded (and was very sad about it as well). And now some of you same posters who sang his praises disparage him and tell him good riddance?

When the Knicks played the Lakers, D'Antoni received a lot of unnecessary hatred:

Mike D'Antoni is not a good coach. I think that's pretty clear at this point. He caught lightning in a bottle with Steve Nash in Phoenix, but his other stints in Memphis, NY, and LA.

Evidence suggests that:

  • He does not seem to be able to adapt his system to the strengths of the players on his roster.
  • He seems pretty bad at calling plays out of timeouts.
  • He's frighteningly stubborn about rotations and minutes.
  • He seemed to play favorites with players and wasn't the best communicator.
  • He refuses to use fouls in late game situations (seemingly because of pride).
  • The whole lack of defense thing was... yeah, that sucked.

Even so, this man came to NY and worked his heart out to the point that his health suffered. His hair turned gray, and he became a broken shell of a man. He wasn't a good coach, but he got rudely dicked over and the end of his time in NY was unnecessarily ugly. This is not a man who deserves your hate. He's a man who deserves your pity.

I think Knicks fans are some of the most knowledgeable, passionate, and classy fans in the country, but mocking D'Antoni with a chant while he was being humiliated was a completely dick move, and for some reason many members of P&T seemed to love it. It's the type of behavior I'd expect from Celtics fans.

Whenever the Knicks play ANYONE, you'll see comments like:

Yo, imagine if we re-signed Jeremy Lin. Ha! What an overrated piece of shit. Re-signing him would've been the dumbest move ever! Good riddance. I hope he gets a splinter in his ass in Houston.

How quickly you forget the days when you ran home to turn on the TV in the midst of Linsanity because you didn't want to miss the magic. Who cares if Lin is a superstar or a scrub. What he did in NY is more far-fetched then most fairy tales, and it's the type of story you'll tell your grand kids. And during his Linsane run, I didn't hear a single person say, "Hey, you know what? We should release Lin and try and get Felton back from Portland." So don't try to act like that's what you wanted all along.

Anyway, why even bring this up?

Well, as you know, Jeremy Lin will make his return tomorrow night... so yeah.

Things got really weird fast when he left. I thought I was watching a scene from 1984 by George Orwell (if you haven't read it, stop reading this crappy fanpost and head to the library). Stephen A Smith spearheaded the propaganda of Big Brother: Eurasia is our dear ally! Eurasia is our traitorous enemy! They must be destroyed! Two minutes of hate! Jeremy Lin is the King of NY! He's the American Dream! He's the reason why we watch sports! Fuck Jeremy Lin! He's a selfish prick who was scared to play against the Heat in the playoffs! He went behind the Knicks back and manipulated them for money!

Look, I'm not your father, and this is a free country. If you want to boo Jeremy Lin and make fun of him when he turns the ball over, knock yourself out. Just remember, that man provided one of the most magical memories that you'll ever remember as a sports fan.

Lots of Knicks are going to come and go. If you want to hate them, hate them. But do it consistently (Like Rorshach hates Melo. I vehemently disagree with you most of the time, Rorshach, but props to you for being real and never flip-flopping on your position). Don't kiss their ass while they're here in NY, and then turn around and say, "Yeah, I always hated them, they suck" once they leave. That's called being a fake ass front-runner, and you should know better.


The 3rd finger of John's hand.

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