Knicks- Weakness and Strengths

For good and for bad, the Knicks are a product of D'Antoni.

He probably doesn't read scouting reports. Nor does he really draw up plays. The Point guard does all that.

The good is that the Knicks decide on offenses a lot faster, less 24 second violations, faster pace, more passing, and gets everyone in a shooting rhythm.

The bad is that offense is all centered on how smart the point guard is. Jeremy Lin is smart but no one can read a defense they haven't seen before in less than 24 seconds. So Jeremy has to formulate a strategy to break through the defense--but jeremy usually does a quick pick and roll probe, if it fails, he drives it himself. Most teams understand it and waits for his decision to drive (usually at the 20 of 24 sec mark) and double/triple team him/collapse into the paint.

So Jeremy doesn't do 2 pick and rolls anymore, he settles with 1 or just goes in immediately and dribbles around, despite the double team, and waits for the defensive 3 sec violation to disperse his defenders, allowing for an easy shot or an easier pass during the defensive recovery. This is high risk but high reward if he can last 3 seconds--usually great against opponent big men. Not so great against thieving enemy guards. Or hacking + fouling guards(like the Nets).

But the fact that everything runs through Jeremy means that teams ONLY need to pay attention to Jeremy. When Jeremy asks for everyone to space out, the defense collapses into the paint sending their best 2 guys out to guard the Knicks(at any moment the Knicks have only 2 high percentage jump shooters neways).

And when Jeremy dribbles in place, that's usually a pick and roll coming soon. But who really cares, you really just want Jeremy to go left anyways.


1. Jeremy needs to be able shoot with his left hand. So if they let him go left, he can take a jumper right then and there.

2. Landry or Shump needs to be able to be a secondary point guard while Lin is on the field. The opponent can look at Lin all they want, but the real offense can pass through Landry just to mess them up. If Lin asks people to space out, Landry can run the pick and roll to free up Smith or Novak.

3. JR smith needs to rain 3s and defend. that'll provide him with more energy, clear up the paint. The less FGs he tries to make, the more accurate his 3 pointers in the 4th quarter.

Chandler, Melo, Jlin, Novak, Jeffries (1st quarter team)

I really think Novak should START games. I mean, having that outside presence really makes the defense spread out of the paint. Which is what we like cuz who doesn't like high percentage shots? Melo and Lin have decent jumpers so that spaces them out---unless they get cold(which both of them do sometimes) Which is why we have both Chandler and Jeffries, Chandler to box out and jeffries to deflect it back to the guards. In fact, our 7-0 miracle run was with this EXACT team (with the exception of Melo replacing Landry). Melo is just a better option than Landry because during Lin brain farts where he fails all his probes and dishes out to someone with 8 sec on the clock, that person should be Carmelo.

So when do we use Amare Stoudemaire? If Jeffries gets tired, i'd rather sub him with shump. Because that position has to do be fast! The small forward is basically our zone defender (face it Lin is many things but he's not exactly the greatest defender). Lin also has a nasty habit of quickly double teaming when he thinks the opponent has stopped dribbling. A quick forward could make him look like a genius if he could cut off the eventual pass the double team forces.

Chandler's going to get into foul trouble. All the guards are going to straight after him, and flop like crazy. Just to get him into foul trouble. So Amare can substitute for Chandler then. By then, the Knicks should be up by at least 15 points.

Aside from Amare, every Knick on the team is valuable. if Amare does return to form, he's still overpaid. We don't need our power forward to score with a hook shot or a post up move. Posting up takes time. The whole point of a D'antoni offense is to deny the opponent any time to set up. The only way to guard against the defensive deficiencies of our team is to have an athletic quick small forward. Amare belongs on the bench. Starting him and Carmelo together is redundant.

Jlin, Chandler, Landry, Smith, Novak ( 3 pointer team.) If Baron Davis ever gets his head straight, he can replace Landry. that is a scary 3 pointer team. Landry can be point guard on this one and pass to either Jlin, Smith, or Novak for the easy 3. Or drive into the paint because it's going to be pretty easy. Or pass it to chandler for the usual mismatch.

Jlin, Shump, Chandler, Jeffries, Novak (4th quarter team)

No one scores points. Lin Time or Novakaino Explosion for points.

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