These Hawks didn't look so 19-13 to me. (Section 8)

Hey. So this was not nearly as competitive as I thought it would be. But lots of really cool, high octane plays nonetheless. Worth watching the replay to see the marked defensive improvement.

People have got to get off of Carmelo. He played when he had to play. And he played defense. He stayed low and shuffled. Which was the 1st quarter. There wasn't much to do after that, honestly.

Baron Davis is friggin Baron Davis. If a few more of those shots (that he kicked out) fell, it would have looked like an even better game i.e., JR Smith end of the 1st, Novake somewhere else. Still quick. Still breaking them ankles. Still a gee.

Novake's cool I guess. Sick 3 ball in the 4th to feel like the last big play of the game.

Tyson is the general awesome, consistent player he always is. Let's not take him for granted. Really though. He's incredible all around and deserves some help on the defense. Let us pray.

It's clear that Amar'e wants to do more, he just very graciously defers to his teammates when he's not playing well. It is beyond exciting to see him get going though. Also hilarious when he thinks he's playing defense, but he's really not, then whoever he's guarding scores or gets the foul, and then he looks really upset and then the guy shoots free throws and then Amar'e looks sad....... I love him. He's honestly such a gracious leader

Landry's dunk was SWEETAWESOMESICKNASTYSUPERSTANFORDCOOL. He's good at basketball, I think. 'Cept for that airball. Looked like an airball from my section anyway. Does anyone know if it was an airball or not? Sidenote, he gets better looking in person every time I see him. Too much....? Alright.

JR Smith's steals were not given up. Jeremy probably had the best steal, I forget when that was forgive me, but JR's were worked for. He stays stupid low consistently. Also good at the basketball game. He responds well to games he does poor in. Also, he has a big head compared to his body.

I think Amar'e and BoomDizzle on the court together on PnR and in rhythm would be awesome. They move well together. Like the reason that Landry and Jeremy have good chemistry on the court is because they're low at the same times, they can feel when each other wants to make the play, etc. But I think Amar'e and Baron are the same way. They could definitely be hot together.

I'll add remarks in the recap. Anyway, it was cool to be at another one. I luh MSG. Kay bai

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