Update: Never Bet Against Lebron In February, with Photo Evidence!

Well, I was wrong about Lebron. It was Bosh who killed the Knicks tonight.

And if you're still trying to figure out why Bosh looks so awkward, it's because he's doing the dance from the Lonely Island / Nicki Minaj video "The Creep"



"So get your knees flexin' and your arms T-rex'in"

Like I said before, the Heat love this kind of match-up. They play championship defense...helped by the fact that they've been together for more than a full season now. The Knicks need time to coalesce. Don't let the image of the Heat prancing around in their black uniforms blind you to the fact that the season is far from over, and the Atlantic division is still within reach!

* * *

From the moment I set foot in school today, I was hounded by a certain overeager Chinese hoops fan:

"Tomorrow! Lin Shuhao! Jei-mu-si! So…so great!"

Yes, the Knicks-Heat hype machine has already reached Beijing. Meanwhile, on your side of the Pacific, is churning out crap like this, proving yet again that the Worldwide Leader has roughly the collective basketball intelligence of a Chinese college student.

Lebron vs. Lin! And other players might be involved, too!

I fully expect Lebron to go all-out guarding Lin at every opportunity, and I expect him to dominate.

This, after all, is the kind of game Lebron lives for: a breathlessly-hyped mid-season match-up that has almost no impact on his actual goal of winning a championship. I think it’s fair to call this contest the most anticipated last-game-before-the-all-star-break featuring a .500 team in the history of the NBA; just the kind of game that calls out for Lebron’s patented brand of February magic.

Yes, the Knicks are more talented than the average .500 team – they’ve also played no more than 96 minutes together. They’re a work in progress on offense, and the Heat are a defensive juggernaut.

A victory would be sweet, no doubt. Going into the all-star break, 18-17 would look a hell of a lot better on the ledger than 17-18. And a victory here would launch Linsanity to another level (if that’s even possible). But the fact of the matter is that this game surely matters more to the "king" than it does to the Knicks. This guy feeds off media hype and image and Twitter beefs. This match-up lacks any real substance beyond the media hype. Sure, it will be bitch to listen to the endless "Lebron Stops Linsanity" nonsense should the Heat come out on top, but in that event, let us take solace in the Atlantic Division standings. The Knicks are only three games back at the moment; the key players are finally all on the court together, and with a strong second half, a playoff Game 1 in the Garden is well within reach.

If Lebron dominates this game, let him have it. The guy loves to perform in February. The Knicks will wait for the warmer months to shine.

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