Good signs, dead weight and addition by subtraction...

The last 2 nights sucked, but stirred far less nausea than the prevous 21 games (with those very few exceptions). Against Boston and Chicago, we all saw the signs. Better ball movement. Improved aggression towards the rim. More fluid PnR's. Shump's PG IQ is progressing impressively quick. More balanced Melo and flashes of great Stat. Landry looks to be finding his balls and embracing his role as the 3rd option. Jefferies is showing his value and Tyson's consistency is becoming a refreshing and pretty badass sight.

And we also all saw the dead weight that needs to be subtracted. TD, sorry to say is Totally Done. He may find his confidence one day, but it won't be with us in NY. Bully's "potential" is too inconsistent and is more of a drain, than a gain. Bibby is clearly useless both on the talent side of things, as well is the leadership department. Novak, while theoretically a fine 12th man, has only one theoretical talent, which doesn't really manifest.

So here's what I'm willing to do. I like the good signs (though not totally sold on the fit of our big guns). I'm willing to:

1) See if we can somehow land Sessions (for TD and Bully or Balk)... yup, longshot, but a good shot.

2) But if that doesn't work, I'd ask the Lakers if they want a young version of D. Fish in TD (not a true PG, but good defense and can hit a 3). For TD, I'd gladly take back Darious Morris (and would love to fleece them for a 2nd rounder). Maybe they see TD's inherent value and the change of scenery can inspire him to DWTDD in the gold and purple.

3) I'd flush Bully... and turn him in to an unknown with possibility... like a Morris Almond for example, because at this point, an unknown is better than what we know about Bully. If not Mo Peanuts, some other hungry fella off the scrap heap we can pray turns into Starkss

4) I'd cut ties with Bibby (sorry brah, it's just not working) and see if Rafer (who just went to the D-league) has anything left in the tank.

5) And lastly, I'd also cut ties with Novak, and ask Rasheed if he would want to be our first big off the bench for the mid-level exception (that is of course if we can't get one of the leftover Chinamen).

That's all... trying to be less negative (though it's pretty freakin' hard). 500 is getting farther and farther away and our guys our using words like "snakebitten" and whining to the refs way too much... which is never a good sign. Gotta stir the pot a bit.

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