Some live game notes from MSG South

Just wanted to share a couple notes that I saw live from MSG South (local DC beat writer Micheal Lee coined the term)

So as much fun I'm sure it was watching on TV, seeing the game live was RIDICULOUS. As Micheal Lee pointed out, there were a ton of Knicks fans in the house. Here are some notes I took inside my head:

-Anything said about Lin has been said except this observation I saw live. There were 3 Knicks fans behind the visitors bench area heckling Jeffries for the first two quarters. Whenever he was sitting down, yelling 'WE WANT JEFFRIES', whenever he was shooting free throws, booing him. Disheartening stuff.

How does this relate to Lin? Well, sometime in the 2nd quarter, after some more heckling from these bozos, Lin looked straight at them, with a face that said, "I will eat your children and stomp on your kittens if you keep heckling my man Jeffries." The 3 bozos immediately stopped and shut up for the rest of the game. LEGENDARY.

-The Wizards Mascot did some weird karate promo thing; Everybody Wants Kung Fu Fighting was blasting on the stereo. I haven't gone to enough Wizards games to know if this was a thing, but I thought it was odd (or coincidental) timing.

-Going into the game, I was 40% afraid Nick Young was gonna have one of those weird 40 pt games, but I forgot Shump was on the team. Shump ATE HIS LUNCH, just took him out completely on D. I've never seen Nick Young pass ever, so to see him pass up opportunities cause it looked like Shump was going to devour him every time he touched the ball was very entertaining.

-Knicks got Wizards into the penalty EARLY in the 3rd quarter (sometime around the 8 minute mark). I only noticed this cause it seemed like the 3rd quarter lasted an hour. Helped grow the lead as well.

-They had the 'guess which theme song this is' game for the Wizards players on the Jumbotron. The theme song: Family Matters. My favorite answer? Jan Vesely: "[5 seconds of silence]...No." Of course our (former) man Rodger Mason Jr. got it after much contemplation.

-Related to Jan, it seemed like he tries to dunk every time he grabs the ball. Kinda like a white man's Balkman. I enjoyed his performance.

-They had something called the Smile Cam and no Kiss Cam. I was more disappointed then I thought I would be.

-The winner of the dance cam did something incredible with his arms. He some how twisted them around and around like a helicoptor. I had no idea this was possible.

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