POLL:Melo & Lin will find chemistry-they HAD it.

Everyone should just stop playing the blame game.

Get rid of Melo. Linsantity is coming to an end... fire D'Antoni....

Shhhhhhh... let's all calm down, folks.

LET'S NEVER FORGET THAT JEREMY LIN IS STILL A ROOKIE in terms of experience and playing under a freakin MICROSCOPE. You try to take that heat... especially from the fickle New York crowd.

Before we go all ape sh*t pointing the finger at every possible victim on the Knicks, let's go back to the original breakout game for Jeremy against the Nets.

I've watched this game approximately 7 times, partially because it's amazing to see the beginning of this great sports story over and over again and partially to examine the chemistry of the team WITH Melo and Amare during the Linsanity take-off.

Plus, it's just really fun to watch... even after the 6th time.

So Lin comes in late in the 1st quarter, but doesn't do much.

It's another story as soon as soon as the 2nd quarter starts. You see the beginning flashes of Linsanity.

Within the first 30 seconds, Jeremy Lin drives and makes a layup, steals the ball and hands over an assist to Toney Douglas. It was Douglas, Stoudemire, Walker(we need him, btw, he's big help from the bench), Jeffries(most underrated player, btw, until everyone started noticing a huge gaping defensive hole when he was MIA), and Lin.

At the 9:41 mark, Lin does a pick and roll pass to Jeffries, and Jeffries DUNKS that sh*t.

One thing for sure is the Jeffries-Lin chemistry. When Jeffries is in, he's Lin's personal bodyguard AND the guy that hustles in all the right places. He picks up the big, gaping defensive slack left by STAT and basically everyone except Tyson. (Lin's defense has improved a LOT, watch the Bucks game)

I'm not going to write out all the important/beautiful plays of this game cuz I could write a book.

The first thing you notice when watching the game is, the Knicks are hustling. Even on defense. They're just hustling. They have NOT been doing so these last games. They only slightly start simulating the 'semblance of hustling when we're down 20 points.

If you watch the 99-92 Nets game, the chemistry is the most lethal with Tyson, Jeffries and Lin. Any combo including 2 out of those 3 and we're good. And as long as you don't play Amare and Melo TOGETHER, the chemistry just doesn't quit.

Excellent chemistry + hustling defense usually = win.

You can have Tyson, Jeffries, Lin, Melo and Fields. Or sub Fields with Walker. Or Novak. Or Shump. This team definitely is "deep".

And there's nothing that could be said about the ball of fire chemistry between the young JR Smith and the old Baron. Just pure fun and exciting basketball.

Now, this next part might be blasphemous, but it's got to be said.

I have the highest respect for Amare, but let's face it... He and Melo play the same way: the ball movement slows down when EITHER of them have the ball. This isn't a horrible thing because sometimes Melo does the whole Kobe(ugh) Mamba thing and you just can't stop the guy when he drives to the basket.

Amare and Melo play the same way, except Melo plays better. Melo finishes more at the hoop and he's better with outside shots.

Those two cannot be in at the same time if the Knicks want to run a high-paced offense, which is the offense that usually helps them win.

Amare is a veteran in the NBA and it's starting to show..

James Dolan is an unpredictable guy, he can fire you while on a hot winning streak, or let you have endless losing seasons in a row as Knicks fans know.

No one knows if D'Anonti's job is safe, especially not D'Antoni. So what does he have to lose?

D'Antoni needs to sack up and make some changes in the rotation.

D'Antoni, your job is on the line already, so now's the time to show you have some guts. It takes guts to lead a team, and we love your positive/encouraging words, but sometimes constructive criticism is a much needed kick in the ass jump start. At this point, it's ALL IN or NOTHING.

If egos are going to get in the way, the Knicks will never win. C'mon, Knicks, all of ya'll have bulging, bloated paychecks, all you're missing is a ring. And you can't get a ring if your ego is more important than winning as a team.

If Stoudemire has to go to the bench, so be it. He even says over and over again that the team needs to do everything and anything to win, so if that means playing when Melo is out, then let's do it. Let's TRY IT.

'Nother thing, Knicks.. Stop freaking THINKING SO MUCH or TRYING to find that chemistry. The Knicks don't look like they've had fun playing since that game against the Raptors.

Yes, we've had wins since then, but they're just TRYING too hard and THINKING too much, leave everything off the court and play! If it's gettin to your heads, stop watching and reading the news, screw them all. JUST PLAY SOME BALL, DUDES!!!!

Chicago starting line-up: Tyson, Lin, Melo, Jeffries(if possible)/Shump, Novak.

Let's just try it... I mean, what have we got to lose, really?..

p.s. this is my first post ever, so try to be nice =)

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