Tyson Chandler Appreciation Thread (Or the Bison Wildlife Preserve)

This has been a wild season with some of the very highest highs of my long Knick-watching career and some of the lowest lows as well. Some games make me so jubilant I just have to dance around for a little while. Others make me so despondent I just wander around in a stupor, pushing my friends and family away, and threatening self-harm.

When things go wrong with this team, they go so very very wrong on every level and while some want to blame Melo and others want to blame Amar'e and, others still,,want to blame Pringles. But none of those really make sense as a real explanation. At this point I've given up trying to figure it out. It just is. Truth is everyone involved with the team is probably somewhat to blame. Well, everyone except for one man: Tyson Chandler.

If there is one person involved with this dinosaur bitten (a snake is far too small to explain the level of pain we've had to experience) franchise who can not possibly be blamed for a single thing wrong with this franchise it is Tyson Chandler. He is our team's MVP. He is the bright side even when things go wrong.

Tyson can never be accused of not giving his all. He clearly gives more than his all. He gives roughly 3.79 people's alls at all times.

He shows up every game and battles like a warrior. If you told me he was secretly and immortal Viking who has been living throughout history fighting in every war known to man (and some of the animal kingdom), I would believe you. He has so much heart and so much talent and so much feisty passion. He is a force of nature.

He is our team's defense.

Other than shump, jorts, and jeffries it can be hard to tell if anyone else on this team is aware of exactly what that word means at times. But Chandler is our anchor. I've seen him guard all five positions and then make it back to the basket from the perimeter to get the rebound. That should not exist!

We sometimes win the rebounding battle in games! I can't remember the last time that happened! Was it 1999? Probably.

He is a legit center, our defense, our rebounding, our leader, our heart, and one hell of a dunker. Literally. I believe that he is a hellbeast that walks upon the earth in order to slam balls through hoops into the faces of poor souls who dare to oppose him.

I honestly don't know if there is a player who is more just everything to the team. Watching him is a pure splendor. And he never wavers. Even in losing efforts, when EVERYTHING is going wrong, there is one that that isn't: Tyson Chandler. He's out there doing his best, leaving a trail of broken bodies and destruction in his wake.

I love Tyson Chandler.

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