Another sad day... for the Knicks, and for the fans.

Let me first say that I was not a huge D'Antoni fan. I felt he lacked versatility and creativity in managing the roster (albeit ever changing) and in-game adjustments. I felt he struggled with confrontation and chose the smart words more often than the necessary words. I felt he never quite fit in as a New York Knicks coach.

But this is not why he "resigned".

MDA resigned because Carmelo Anthony's label, salary and ego were more effective than his game.

So why is this a sad day for the Knicks? It's a sad day not because we lost a phenomenal coach (because MDA simply wasn't), it's a sad day because our brand, our orange and blue, our New York Knicks have succumbed, yet again, to a singular name. It's a sad day because we're "Melo's" team now, and not the New York Knicks... and this isn't to say that MDA was all things Knicks... this is to say simply that one player, with the biggest salary, got a coach, who if nothing else had integrity, fired by playing with a profound lack of integrity.

For all the regular P & T'ers, y'all know I've been a huge anti-Melo guy... and today is why. This man Melo, who is not evil, who has loads of talent, and who can turn his career around, either intentionally or unintentionally under-performed because he did not "like" having to change the way he plays this game... a style of play that has made him a very wealthy, and famous man.

And now we'll see the character of Carmelo Anthony... and we'll also learn a lot about the rest of the guys on our team who I'm pretty sure, to a man, know what went down. I suspect there's lots of bitterness towards Melo. I suspect there's a lot of guys bummed to have lost a good man in MDA and a system that allowed the freedom it did. And I suspect there's a lot of guys on the team who now see Melo as more of a diva than they ever did.

Or maybe I'm wrong and our New York Knicks will come together in ways I for one can't imagine because they finally have the leader they've been looking for... in Carmelo Anthony?... because Mike Woodson clearly is simply just Driving Ms. Daisy.

So Tyson, Lin, Shump, Jorts, JJ, Stat, Novakaine, Landryman, and yes, even JR and Baron... I still love you rascals and will continue to say it loud and lose sleep over your play (well, not really).

And Melo? here we go... all out of excuses... all the control in the world... it's your team now... whatcha got?

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