Baked Thoughts - a team in transition

so I guess its as good enough time for me to do one of these things as any. Yesterday was a crazy emotional rolercoster... with Mike D quitting, bitching about shit all day here, then randomly getting free tix and watching that blowout live.

Some thoughts about the game and overall direction of the team now after a hop, skip and...


via my cell phone.

The game yesterday was awesome to be at. The crowd was in a good mood from the start and the blowout def helped. The Knicks played good, but man did Portland not show up. Last night was as much a Portland Loss as a knick win, but I will take it. We needed a feel good night.

I read that Shump took heat for his dunk. Being at the game, that never even registered. The team was so into having fun, and the fans were so into it... I really dont think there was any malicious intent. I am sure Shump got a talkin to, but I dont think Portland was too pissed about it. They have bigger problems then a rookie having some fun in a blowout.

How bittersweet that the day Mike D quits the team shoots 50% from 3pt land. Mike D musta broken 3 things over the course of that game.

After JR hit his first three he came down the court and had this look of "Finally" come over him. He then burst into flames and was on fire for the rest of the evening. It was fun to watch.

As for Woodson - I think we will be seeing a lot more BD and less Lin. I think we will be seeing a lot more Shump and JR and less Landry. I think we will be seeing STAT on the court less (rest his knees more). I dont know why, but its a gut feeling.

Mike D got a raw deal. He was brought in to run his system and then was never given the pieces to run his system. That said, he didnt always make the most out of his situation and at times seemed to take advantage of the idea that the team was in flux.

The legroom of the new MSG is insane. It is so cramped... I am not a big guy (5' 10") and it was tight on my legs and body. It was stupid and inconsiderate to us fans. Not surprising at all from a Dolan run organization.

It is what it is. We still have some damn good players and sometimes a change is needed for the sake of change. There is little doubt in my mind that this is due to Melo... not by malicious intent but rather by the way he wont adapt. It is what it is and in the end dude is a really great player. I didnt want him here, but it wasnt my decision and he is sporting the jersey I love. If he really is as much of a diva as it seems, then booing and pissing him off is not going to get us what we want... which is wins. There is no more discussion. Mike D is gone, this is no longer a run and gun team. So its time to slow shit down, play some D and hopefully win some games.

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