How to keep all our players (Salary Outline)

Just an amateur description on how to keep our players. Not Larry Coon approved, but done with gusto!

We definitely have 6 players under contract:

Melo, STAT, Tyson, Shump, DWTDD, and Jorts. Pretty much with these 6 players, we're at the cap, meaning we can't sign free agents out right.

Here is the breakdown of the players we want to keep:

Landry Fields- We have early bird rights, meaning we can match with anyone + not use salary cap space. In addition, due to the 'Gilbert Arenas Rule', no one can offer Landy over roughly $5 million. Unless someone offers Landy $5 million per year and the Knicks don't want to match, we lose him. Other then that, Landry isn't leaving.

STATUS: STAYING unless Knicks don't want to match offer.

Jeremy Lin- This has been talked about at length. Basically, due to 'Gilbert Arenas Rule', no one can offer him over roughly $5 million in the first two years, but can offer him something crazy if they have the cap. See below:

Putting this all together, if a team is $11 million under the cap, wants to submit a five year offer sheet, and wants to provide a large raise in the third season, they can offer a total of $55 million. If the average salary is $5 million, then the second year salary will be $5.4 million (8% raise). This leaves $44.6 million to be distributed over the final three seasons. With 6.9% raises in years four and five, the entire contract looks like this:

Season Salary Notes

1 $5.0 million Average salary amount

2 $5.4 million 8% raise over season 1

3 $13.907 million This is the amount that yields $44.6 million over the final three seasons with 6.9% raises*

4 $14.867 million Raise is 6.9% of season 3 salary

5 $15.826 million Raise is 6.9% of season 3 salary

Total $55 million Average is $11 million, which equals the team's cap room

Someone might be crazy enough to do this, but this is the leverage that Jeremy would hold over the Knicks. The Knicks can only offer him up to the MLE over 4 years ($20 million / 4 years). So really, if no one does anything crazy, Jeremy is staying, but he has the leverage to leave (Curled up crying). he's on the Knicks 4eva!!

STATUS: Knicks hold control and keep him if they want. unless another team offers something crazy, so most likely staying..PLEASE STAY. DON'T GO, I CAN'T STOP SHAKING JUBILATION!!

JR 'Earl' Smith: Use his player option and stay, or don't and leave. If he DOES stay, he would only be eligible for Early-bird rights and thus worth a $5/year extension, which is the minimum he's probably worth. If he's willing to be paid one more year @ $5 million, he'll be eligible for full bird rights, but that's a lot of $$ he'd be leaving on the table over the next two years.

STATUS: Completely and utterly up to him, basically would have to use player option + sign one year extension for 2013 to get paid with the Knicks. Probably not happening.

Steve Novak: Assuming they use the MLE up for Lin, the Knicks would have the mini-mid level exception (up to $3 million over 3 years) to sign him, but someone might offer him that stupid Kapono/Korver contract.

STATUS: Staying if he's willing to be paid $3 million or less.

Baron Davis: Leaving unless he's willing to be paid veteran's minimum or offer him mini-mid level if Novak leaves.

STATUS: Leaving unless takes minimum, or willing to take gummy bears for compensation.

Jared: Available for Early bird rights (I think) so he can be paid up to 175% of his previous salary (something around $2 Million)!

STATUS: Staying! He would die for D'Antoni! Wait, is D'Antoni staying?? Another topic for another day..

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