Knicks vs. Magic Leftovers

Mar. 28, 2012; New York, NY, USA; New York Knicks guard Iman Shumpert (21) drives to the basket during the second half against the Orlando Magic at Madison Square Garden. Knicks won 108-86. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE

I'm nowhere near ready to let go of the Knicks' win last night over the Magic. Take the jump for some more notes, links, and videos from last night's action.

- Mike Woodson sort of made this point in his post-game press conference, but against teams like Milwaukee and Orlando that play somewhat nontraditional power forward, playing Carmelo Anthony at the four is kind of ideal. Particularly with the Magic, having Melo and two big guards out there kind of makes covering the perimeter easier than it would be with Amar'e Stoudemire having to close out and get through screens and stuff.

- I didn't watch the game on ESPN, so I didn't realize until later that Kate Upton was in the house last night. Once I realized that, I was pleased, because I take a really lame satisfaction in the Knicks winning games in front of pretty ladies (this could be called the Natalie Portman Effect). I love the Knicks a lot and feel very connected to them, so when the Knicks do wonderful things that impress Kate Upton, it's like I did wonderful things that impressed Kate Upton, and thus she wants to be friends with me and give me special hugs.

- Baron Davis's hamstring was really bothering him last night, and he actually spent some time keeping Carmelo Anthony's stationary bike warm for him. Take your time, Jeremy Lin, but, ya know, hurry back.

- Lots of deserved praise for Iman Shumpert's defense.

- That third quarter run was the biggest run the Knicks have made in quite some time.

- Patrick Ewing, as always, would like to coach and would be interested in the Knicks job if it became available. Okay.

- I've seen a few suggestions, including some nonspecific but pretty plain ones by Ken Berger, that members of the Magic drank a lot of dranks the night before last, which would explain a lot.

- This was cruel but funny, Mr. Fashion Hat:



- This was cruel but funny, J.R. Smith:

- (Bill Walker's thoughts on the above).

- The Carmelo Anthony pass and Landry Fields cut on this play are both flawless, but don't underestimate Tyson Chandler's "screen" to flummox Ryan Anderson and help Fields get free:

-This was a pretty chill set play to open the second quarter. J.R. Smith continues to show that Midas touch for bad lob passes:

- This was perfect defense by Tyson Chandler, a perfect outlet pass by Baron Davis, a perfect extra touch by Landry Fields, and a perfect finish by Iman Shumpert. So many basketboners:

- And this was just an impressive Chandler finish that should have been a foul as well:

Mmm. Last night's win was one of the best, and I'm delighted to have a day off to bask in it before the Knicks take the floor again. Bask with me, y'all.

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