Getting Psyched For The Playoffs

Hey, everybody! The Playoffs are here and it's that time where everyone steps up their game, including us. Clearly we are all a vital part of the Knicks organization and our enthusiasm directly dictates the outcome of games. Why else would I scream and jump around like a maniac in my own home?

Since defeating the heating will require all aspects of Knickdome to be going all out, I'm making this fanpost as a call to arms, Knickbros. It's time to get psyched!

It's not just us we're fighting for, either. The entire league is rooting for us. Remember this?:

Look at how obnoxious that is! The entire league wants to make LeBron's statement come true by making sure they win not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7, but ZERO championships. Now, that task falls to us. It's on us to stop the evil that dwells in South Beach. This is the most obnoxious and hated team in the NBA, LET'S BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF THEM. Let's make sure that the summer of 2010 is the only thing they ever win.

Speaking of obnoxiousness from South Beach:

Another decade of irrelevance for New York? Time to make Dan LeBatard eat his words. I have massive problems with nearly everything he says in this rant for a variety of reasons, but the another decade of irrelevance for New York is the one that stands out to me. Imagine if we beat the Heat. I WILL LISTEN TO THIS EVERY SINGLE DAY! Imagine if that irrelevance beat the ever living shit out of their supposed kings.

Which brings up another point. A few things make this matchup more special than any other. This isn't just about winning, this is about vengeance. LeBron chose that city, with no fans, over the Mecca. Pat Riley spurned us and screwed us over to go party in South Beach. Remember the Pat the Rat chants? I do.

The whole league hates the Heat, but our hate is special. Our hate has been percolating for nearly two decades. To those of you in Brooklyn, we hated the Heat before it was cool. We have history with a team that for all intents and purposes doesn't really have a history.

This series isn't just about these teams. It's about PJ Brown flipping Charlie Ward, it's about Tim Hardaway, it's about Lebron, it's about Pat Riley, it's about Zo and LJ boxing on the court, it's about Allan motherfucking Houston ending this shit:

We've done it before and we can do it again. The odds are against us, but we can beat them. The Heat are better than us, but we can beat them. No one is going to pick us, but we can win. We did this in 1999 and we can do it again. LETS DO THIS!

Lets party like it's 1999.

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