Predictions 2012 Apocalypse

well, seeing as how I thought we would back D'antoni over Carmelo, my previous predictions have become null, and void, despite the fact that some of them are correct.

Let's start with the minor ones.

1. JR smith will continue to be a challenge to develop. But that makes his price so low compared to his skill set. Shump is actually a better calming influence than Carmelo.

2. Baron will be taking more hero shots. He wants a higher salary as well as an extension on his contract. The only way to do it is to be a hero. That's why he was so angry at woodson for taking him out of the 4th in the pacers game. We won't see Baron next year.

3. Shump and JR smith will be the back up PG. That tandem does more for the team than Baron. They get the same amount of assists really, and the fact that we don't have Baron means our overall size is enlarged, defense is better, and we give less stupid fouls. And we don't do low percentage shots when we are chasing a lead.

4. Bill Walker will be vital to our chances at the playoff. We're missing a man in our 2 unit lineup.

Now for the Biggie.

1. We won't make the playoffs.

2. Woodson will be fired.

3. We're going to hire Calipari.

Bucks' schedule is too easy. Too many home games. We not only have to win all our easy games, we have to win one of our 4 harder games. Mostly on the road. We are 39% win rate against >.500 teams. We are worse on the road. Don't pay attention to hollinger's math. He's been a moron for a long time now.

Woodson will get the blame instead of Melo. But that's a smoke screen. Anyone in their right mind will go for caliper. Even owners who are out of their mind. Like Dolan. Coach Cali's got young top talent just begging to play under him. Calipari was Jorts Coach. Jorts will be too afraid of Calpari to stray from his diet again.

What I secretly hope is that we make a hard decision on whether we keep Amare or Melo. We need that 20 million dollars a year cap space. We need to grab an extra quality PG, and an extra Forward.

Lin, Carmelo, Tyson, Jeffries, Novak

And instead of having two units, we would sub in ppl when they get tired. We'd look at each person's contribution dip and sub them out at specific minutes. Carmelo and Novak will get subbed out with shump and JR smith. Then Lin and Landry will get subbed out by xPG and xForward. Novak gets subbed out last cuz he should theoretically have the most energy. Novak then gets subbed out by a xForward. And it would cycle easily like that.

Cuz right now, we are getting slaughtered when they take out their Centers. Hibbert(pacers) can't keep up with tyson but using a stretch forward with a fast forward backing him up gives tyson fits. He can't get back in time to guard the rim.

But Carmelo is more valuable than Amare, so the trade value will be a lot better if we move Carmelo instead.

*** Carmelo's off the olympic list. They'll say it's because of his groin injury. In truth, it's because d'antoni is pretty popular with the olympic staff. D'antoni will go assist George Karl coaching the Denver Nuggets.

the Heat win the Eastern Conference. the Spurs win the Western Conference. (maybe) The western conference playoffs are going to be so great.

We're going to see a lot of tanking going on as people jockey for position gin in the eastern conference.








8)New York

Orlando wouldn't mind + PHiladelhia wouldn't mind getting that 6th spot away from atlanta but not enough to lose a home game. Just looking at the standings/schedule, i doubt we're going to get any spot tanking in our favor. Not at home. the tops are 1 or 2 games away form each other. They'll try to keep it that way.

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