Why tonights game means so much to me

4 years ago tomorrow, my love affair started with the knicks.

I visited New York for the first time early April 2008, despite an 8 hour delay on our flight out, me and my best mate were having a great time, and falling in love with the city.

We were staying at my mates brothers apartment on Amesterdam Avenue, we had seen all the sights, ate all the foods, drank all the drinks, and met all the lovely local ladies, but something was missing from our trip, I just couldnt get into the local sports.

We had been to the Yankees opening game in their last season at the old stadium, and it was enjoyable, but it didnt hook me. In fairness i dont think the weather helped, plus it was 0-0 so we left after the 8th innings. Maybe if it had been a bit warmer, and I'd have got to see some home runs, then I'd be a yankees fanatic too, but it wasnt to be.

On the Sunday, after a horrendously drunken evening at the Joshua Tree the night before, with my mates brother and his soccer team (my introduction to Jagerbombs too), in a hungover state, my mates bro told us that he had got us tickets to the basketball.

It took a lot of effort for me to get ready, and decided the only way i could get through the game was to have a beer in a desperate attempt to kill the hangover. It worked (slightly) and we made out way to the garden for the first time.

I had been warned not to expect much and that the knicks weren't very good, but as soon as i stepped inside MSG something got me excited.

The knicks were playing the Magic, Patrick Ewing was back in town, and the atmosphere was electric.

The starting five were announced, Jamal Crawford, Wilson Chandler, Jared Jeffries, David Lee and Zach Randolph.

I didnt have a clue who was who, so I decided, simply on his name, that Zach Randolph would be my favourite player for the evening.

The knicks started off on fire, it seemed like every shot they had in the first quarter sank, or ended up with an offensive board.

The whole pace of the game captivated me, I fell in love with the Knicks City Dancers (who wouldn't), and I thought the knicks were on for an easy win, and dismissed anyone who had told me that the Knicks were rubbish as fools.

But then in the second quarter, the Magic fought their way back into contention, and took the lead early in the third, but then, some little guy came back on and took over.

Nate Robinson played an amazing 4th quarter, he hit 3 pointers, he made dunks, he hit free throws, that night, he was Nate the great.

He even hit the last knicks shot, getting them to 100 points which i thought was pretty cool.

From that night I was hooked by the knicks, and the NBA.

I will always love Nate for what he did that night, I know he was infuriating, and made smoe boneheaded plays, and could be considered as a figure head for one of the worst spells of Knicks history, but I will forever be in his (and the rest of those guys) debt for getting me into the knicks.

That game is also why i always look for games against the Magic on the schedule. It brings back memories of an excellent night, an excellent holiday, and the night i fell in love with our Knicks. - Game Recap

Tonight we play the Magic, and I will dream of a performance like the one I saw that night. Giod knows we need that win after Milwaukee won last night, and with Philly and Boston losing it gives us a chance to claw back a game in our Division.

Lets go knicks

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