Baked THoughts - Game 5

I dont have too many thoughts about this game. I mean, I wanted us to win... but c'mon.

It was a wild ride of a season. In the end, it was somewhat disappointing. I didnt want it to end on a 4-1 series loss. I was hoping to compete. I am gonna have an off season post later this week prob, so I wont get into how I cant wait for JR to be off this team...

Last night I didnt really watch the game. It was me and my girls 4 year anniversary, so i recorded it. I watched it when we got home, but on fast forward... with plans on watching in real time if it was close.... so I didnt really watch any in real time.

Seems melo had an OK game. I cant help but point out that the team looks so much better with Landry out there then JR. Its just so mind blowingly obvious to me. Yes. Landry may not be as gifted a scorer, but the ball moves. There is also this:

Fields: 27 min, 5-7 (0-0 3pt) 12 pts, 5 rbs
Smith: 36 min, 3-15 (0-4 3pt) 12 pts, 0 rbs

Its the top reason I really really really hope Woodson is not back next year.

I dont have much else to say. Miami is a way better, healthier team. Whatever. Time to start thinking about how to improve what we got with little assets, no cap space and no draft picks.

Take the Jump for a funny story bout last night.

So my girl and I went to the comedy celler last night. The night started with the host saying everyone here must be from out of town because the Knicks are playing an elimination game and thats where all the NYers are. It was nice, cause it gave me extra brownie points with my girl/

The night was hilarious. Some really good comics. The highlight was that aziz ansari (of parks and rec's fame, and of the creator of the short lived RAAAAAAAAAAAANDY knickname for Anthony Randolph) came out randomly to try out some stuff for his upcoming tour (I know that because he told us that was what he was doing there). He made fun of me at one point which was fun.

On the way out, we passed him in the hall and I said "Funny Times Dude." What does that even mean? Damn. Let down. Much like the knicks last night.

On to the next one. And lets please refrain from the TRADE STAT FOR NOTHING shit. STAT and Melo and Chandler will be here next year. As they should, because all 3 are awesome at basketball. There is a way to make this work, and hopefully we can Lin that together. But no, STAT is not going to be traded for Darko or David Lee (seriously guys?). Get over it and recognize the talent we have and dont let this whacky fucked up season and ESPN poison your minds.

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