State Your Case for the NBA Finals

Well, one question that I've been hearing a lot lately as a Knicks fan is: "Since your team got eliminated, who will you be rooting for to win the NBA Championship?"

Well, when your team gets eliminated, and when certain teams, and certain players, and certain situations align in certain ways, you might find yourself rooting for an unlikely team.

At the end of this fanpost, I would like people to use the comment section to say which team they are rooting for to win in the Finals this year and why.

Take the jump for my unusual pick...

Okay, I'm not a fan of this team by any stretch of the imagination. As a matter a fact, I don't like them. But the team I'm gonna be rooting for is... the Lakers. (ughh, I can't believe I just typed that).

Why? Why? The answer is, because of Kobe Bryant.

I am not a fan of Kobe Bryant.

What I am is a CERTIFIED HATER of Michael Jordan. I believe that if Kobe wins his 6th ring, you're going to hear a whole lot of conversation about Kobe and Jordan being equal... and I love that.

Now, I do NOT want this fanpost to turn into a debate about MJ vs Kobe. I don't know who's better, and I really could care less about either of those two douches because neither of them were Knicks.

But as a Knicks fan, you've gotta be tired of the god-like status that Michael Jordan enjoys. Aren't you sick of the world licking his scrotum and acting like he's something more than a human being while they re-run clips of him dunking on Patrick Ewing? I am.

Look, Michael Jordan was an insanely talented basketball player, but he was also the biggest jerk I can remember in the NBA. Remember his HOF entrance speech where he basically told everyone to kiss his ass and acted like no one ever helped him even though he played with other hall of famers? How about his off the court shenanigans (I could write a whole fanpost on his greasy lifestyle, but I don't want this to turn into a moralist piece), and the fact that he and Dan Gilbert basically prolonged the NBA lockout and screwed the players (of which he used to be one) so that he could mismanage the Bobcats more easily.

Jordan may in fact be the greatest player of all time, but I can't stand him as a basketball player or a person, and I tired of little children who never saw him play being indoctrinated with this idea that he was a mythological beast who may not be compared to any mortal under any circumstances. If Kobe gets as many rings as Jordan, and passes him in scoring (which he is on pace to do), I believe it will water down Jordan's legacy.

It's hard to see somebody as an immortal transcendent entity when some other guy is currently doing the same thing.

MICHAEL JORDAN CAN GO KICK ROCKS! Hopefully he sells the Bobcats because they seem like innocent bystanders in all this.

Well, what team are you guys rooting for and why?

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