Player Grades for 2012

Hello Knick fans!

This will be my first post, hopefully you guys go easy on me...haha

So first of all, I am not a true Knicks fan. I am not a diehard, hardcore, or super fan....but I did love watching this team during the season! I loved their attitude, effort (for most of the season anyway), and the flair they played with. Seeing this team evolve from a broken, unwatchable team to a cohesive, exciting team during the course of the season was truly amazing to watch.

Anyway, since things are kind of slow right now, I thought I'd share my grades for the Knicks' roster....

(FYI, these grades are based on my expectations for the player going into the season)

Carmelo Anthony: C

Melo was putrid for two-thirds of the season, and for that reason I had to give him a low mark. Melo had no jump shot, and refused to

take the ball to the basket during the first part of the season. During that span, the Knicks games were just as unwatchable as the Wizards and Bobcats games....well almost. However, as you guys know, Melo picked up his game over the last 20-25 games of the season; he was probably the best player in the league over that period. Based on Melo's recent performance, Knicks' fans should feel confident about him leading the charge into next season.

Amare Stoudemire: D

There's no other way to put it, Amare was horrendous. He could not knock down the mid-range jumper, he could not blow by guys in face up situations, and did not play consistent defensively. The last one is to be expected, so I won't dock him for that, but the other two were puzzling to say the least. Amare has been able to knock down the mid-range jumper since 2006, and he has always had one of the quickest first steps in basketball. I hope his bad season was due to his back problems from a year ago, and not just due to his body's degeneration. Hopefully he can regain some of his explosiveness and timing during this offseason. (P.S. I ignored the fire extinguisher situation on purpose, that was easily one of the most disappointing moments I have ever had watching sports haha)

Tyson Chandler: A+

Chandler won the Defensive Player of the Year, almost singlehandedly transforming an atrocious defensive squad into a pretty solid defensive team..... nuff said!

Iman Shumpert: A

He was one of the best defensive players in the league this season, I'd say that's pretty good value for the 17th pick in the draft! Besides the defensive, however, I'd say he has a lot to improve on this summer. He's shown the ability to get to the basket, but his jump shot is horribly inconsistent. I'll say one thing though, he's got moxie! You can throw his shooting percentages out the window at the end of games; he hits shots when it counts. Hopefully he can recover from his ACL surgery with most of his explosiveness intact, it'd be a shame for his career to be hampered this injury. He can be a star in the NBA for a long time.

Jeremy Lin: A+

You have to give Lin an A+, he sparked the revival of the Knicks, who knows where the team would be without his emergence. Like Shump, he just has moxie, he has a nose for the ball, and he has great instincts. The question will be: can he get better going to his left? It seems like it might be a little late to learn that, but he has surprised everyone before, so I wouldn't doubt him!

J.R. Smith: D

I might have been a little harsh here, but I just though Smith was terrible. He had too many mental lapses on defense, and his shot was not falling. Not to mention he would not stop taking 21 foot jumpers against the Heat (c'mon J.R., you might as well just take the 3!). That being said, I think the Knicks should probably bring him back. He has never been this horrible in a season, he should return to his old self....right???

Steve Novak: B+

We knew he could shoot, I mean why else would he be in the league, right? He's slow, weak, and white...he better be able to shoot! I gave Novak a B+ because I thought he really competed on defense in addition to being a stone cold killer from 3 point range. Hopefully the Knicks can bring him back next year, I want to see him putting on that championship belt in New York next season!

Landry Fields: C

Ugh...what happened to Landry? He could knock down jumpers at a pretty good clip last season, now his jump shot is an abomination. I gave him a C just because he was an ok playmaker for the Knicks off the bench, and his defense was pretty solid. I think he can be a poor man's Andre Iguodala some day...but hey, I'm kind of a Landry fan so I might be a little too optimistic about his future haha.

Baron Davis: C

Baron did ok; he was at his best when he could lead the bench unit with J.R., Shump, Novak, and Jeffries. I think it was unrealistic for people to think he could give the Knicks more than 20-25 minutes of semi-erratic point guard play, so that's why I gave him a C.

Jared Jeffries: B-

Before his knee injury late in the season, Jeffries was fantastic for the Knicks off the bench. He took charges, hustled on the offensive glass, and really helped the Knicks transform into a high-energy team. After the injury he was not as great, but I think that was because he never fully recovered.

Mike Bibby/ Toney Douglas: D

They were both pretty bad. They each struggled with their shot, and both couldn't find playing time until the end of the season.

Josh Harrellson: C

He's slow and un-athletic....but he tried! I'll give him a C for effort!

Alright, so there you go, those are my ratings. What are your guys' thoughts?

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