Knicks' Second Round Draft Pick Discussion Thread

Ok, so I decided to make this fanpost so that we all have a place to scout and discuss who the Knicks should pick with their second round draft pick this year.

This is important because given the salary cap situation this player may be vital to our team next year. They may even swing a playoff game for all we know. I think a number of people on here probably believe we would have performed better this year if we had Jae Crowder instead of JR Smith.

Also, this year's draft is stacked and there are definitely legit rotation players to be found in the second round.

So this pick is important.

I'm not a college basketball fan so I can't claim to be familiar enough with these guys to truly come to any sort of decision about these guys. All I can do is read online scouting reports, view highlights, and trust my gut. So, I wanted to put my two cents out there and then hear what people who have actually watched the players play have to say about the potential players we could draft with our pick.

Right now I'm down to 4 or 5 guys I'm really high on (and I think could contribute to the Knicks immediately): Jae Crowder, Henry Sims, JaMychal Green, and Kim English ... maybe Tu Holloway if we have to go PG.

Jae Crowder - One of the better defenders in college basketball. Can hit the three ball. Can do some other things on the offensive end as well. Don't know why his stock his so low. Seems like a legit NBA player to me. Would be nice to have him to back up Melo. Pairing him with shump would be lockdown defense, but also allows us to survive defensively when Shump isn't on the court.

Henry Sims - Smart big man. Can always use those. I'd like to see us have someone who can spell Tyson a bit and give us some legit minutes at the 5. Although, I guess Amar'e can do that. I guess I don't trust Jorts to handle more than 10 minutes and I don't trust Jerome, much as I love him, to make the leap, so it'd be nice to have some front court depth that can actually play down low.

JaMychal Green - super athletic. could be the steal of the draft or could be a bust. Kinda raw, but can you really say no to super athletic front court depth? For what it's worth, NBA draftnet compares him to JJ Hickson. If that's true, I'd take that.

Kim English - Kim English may be my favorite. He kind of reminds me of Shump mixed with the opposite of Shump. He's known as a tenacious defender. He lacks athleticism, but is great at knocking down jumpers. Sounds like a roleplayer who would do quite nicely on our team here. Would allow Landry to shift to backup 3 full time (or at least most of the time probably).

And if we obviously need PG help. There are a lot of interesting free agents out there, but if we can't solve it that way ... well, we have a second rounder and I like Tu Holloway.

That said, all this is gleamed from things I've read. I have no real knowledge of these players' capabilities. P&T, please school me.

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