5/27 The Draft Workouts - What does Math Show Us?

I got bored. I'm going to use Win Score to determine the best candidates.

Win score = PTS + REB + STL + ½*BLK + ½*AST – FGA – ½*FTA – TO – ½*PF

Basically all the good things - the bad things. .5 on things that AREN'T as important. PAWS40 is a simple equation to adjust the averages. The math is simple so i won't put up the explanation here. It'll be clear below.

Average NBAers are 10+ PAWS40.

So far, Shurna SF, Machado PG, Aldemir PF, Gillenwaiter PF, Burgess SG

But none of them are really spectacular. Since their all bad gambles, I'd just go with gillenwaiter. Or Machado.

Although the best pick is actually Bernard James, a Center. But we already have Gadzuric and Jerome Jordan. And the trend of the nba is to go small and stretchy. If I were GM I'd gamble on gillenwaiter and James as trade bait. I'm still iffy on the Machado gamble.


4th workaround (cuz i missed out on the earler ones)

Khris middeton SF

6.48 NEXT!

John Shurna SF/PF

9 as SF / 6.3 as PF maybe as a small forward. His 3pt shooting (again this means bubkis) isn't bad. FT% is an okay 75%. I mean, I like his shot. But I think i'd take burgess for the versatility. He could be a replacement for novak though. (i really doubt it) If his shot doesn't pan out, he's complete dead weight.

Michael Eric C

(6.3 ) Granted, he showed steady improvement. But even at his peak his still strictly average. But he is tall. So i don't know. So is jerome jordan. And Eric's ft% is crappy. NEXT!

Bernard James C

11.3 And he's only got two years of college! This is by far the best catch of the day! really crappy ft%. Jerome Jordan is a 10.3 incidentally with a 10% better free throw rate.

3rd workaround

Furkan Aldemir PF

(PAWS 10.205) says Knicks are looking at Aldemir. But his ft% is kindah bad.

2nd workaround candidates (gonna do this later)

Wesley Witherspoon (Memphis) SF (I erroneously placed him as a PG which ubd corrected)


Yancy Gates (Cin) PF/C

PAWS 6.73/ 7.0 Bleh.

Dee Bost (Miss St.) PG

PAWS( 7.76 ). NEXT!

J'Covan Brown (Tex) PG/SG

(PAWS 6.8) On the plus side. He does improve every season. And he has a respectable ft%. Could be one of those dark horse hard working types that just improves every year. This guy is direct to d-league. I wouldn't bet on him though.

Sccop Jardine PG/SG from Syracuse

PAWS 7.945 NEXT! "Easiest job in the world. I'll just pass it to him and get out of his way." God no. Syracuse plays zone too. You'll need a full year to wipe that from his muscle memory.

Troy Gillenwater, 6'8" PF

(PAWS 7.63) The weird thing here is that he was an exceptional PF during his sophomore year. He is a much more respectable nba average 10 if he plays SF. His freshman and junior outings are pretty bad though. Like Machado, he is a 25% gamble. his ft% is not quite where I'd like it. 70% isn't that bad though.

He had a PAWS of like 13 his sophomore year.

25% chance of Lin

Robert Sacre, 7'0" C, Gonzaga

(PAWS 8-7) Even if i take out his awful freshman scores, his 5 year stint aint up to level with what a center should be. NEXT

1st workaround candidates

Scott Machado (6'1" PG, Iona)

WS40 5.925, PAWS40 8.695 (Average PG WS is 7.4) He had a breakout senior year where he had a 10.35 WS score. PAWS 13. That's Lin's college score. Except Lin did that for 4 years.


Miles Plumlee (6'11" C, Duke)

WS40, PAWS40( 8.7, 6.6 )

Low usage. Way below average. Guy needs work. And minutes. Centers are hard to train.


Oscar Bellfield (6'2" G, UNLV)

WS: 3.65, PAWS: 5.42

4 YEARS. Maybe his team was good and he didn't need to be great. And maybe he can't play PG or SG.


Darius Johnson-Odom (6'2" SG, Marquette)

WS 4.7 & PAWS 6.5

3 YEAR. Not even close to 10. Short. Not a great shooter. Free trip to new york i guess.


Bradford Burgess (6'6" G/F, VCU)

WS 7.6 & PAWS 7.8

On a lark i did his rating for forwards as well. brrr. He does have a 9 as a shooting guard. Too bad he plays SF primarily. His shooting ability is not bad. Decent ft%, good 3pt%. Slim down to Shooting guard, he should.


Cameron Moore (6'10" F/C, UAB)

WS 10.6 , PAWS as a PF: 8.1, PAWS as Center: 8.3

Almost there...



I also decided to do all the fan post suggested players, just gonna give the adjusted number.

Qunicy Acy PF 8.2, NEXT!

Alex Young SF 6.8, 0% CHANCE

Kimmy English SG 6.7, SF 5.2, 0% CHANCE

Kevin Murphy SG 5 SF 4, 0% CHANCE

JaMychal Green PF 8.1 , Guy is short for a PF. Not quite there. 0% chance

Henry Sims PF or C < 4 Really, who suggested this guy?

Tu Holloway PG 8.12 But Xavier is a decent ball club right? Could be they didn't need him.He's got a decent FT%. I don't know. Without Machado's final year, Holloway would wipe the floor with Machado. Add in Holloway's temperament---I'd probable go with Machado. Even if I do think Machado's 4th year improvement is steroidy.

All in all, the only bet here worth a tulip is Machado.

Jae Crowder's probably going to be a pipe dream for us. He's just so good.

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