The Knicks as the Avengers (Spoiler Alert)

Hello all. There is no serious analysis here or anything particularly insightful, but I had a pretty awesome day yesterday. After watching the Knicks win a playoff game (OMG) over the hated South Beach Heat, I went to see the Avengers in IMAX 3D. I don't know if you guys have seen it's pretty cool. Like awesome. Given that the Knicks game was still on my mind, I began to draw parallels. The Avengers were thrown together despite being perhaps not the best complements for each other's skills and had to find a way to overcome egos and personal differences in order to beat the bad guys (sound familiar?)

With that, I began to think of the Avengers as various Knicks and their enemies as'll see.

Iron Man/Tony Stark- Carmelo Anthony. Iron Man is blessed with prodigious skill. He's a genius who has developed a suit that gives him the ability to fly, fire blasts, and pretty much be an all-around badass. However, his prima donna attitude and frequent conflict with authority often polarizes him from the public and his teammates. In the end, though, he does the right thing and selflessly attempts to sacrifice his own life for the good of the team.

Similarly, Melo is the superstar. He wants to be the showstopper, he wants the glory. But he also wants it for his team.

The Incredible Hulk/Bruce Banner- Amar'e Stoudemire. Bruce Banner is an extremely intelligent but reserved guy. When he transforms into the Hulk, however, he loses all control and creates mass mayhem. Characterized by super strength, the Hulk inflicts massive damage on his enemies, but also his friends and himself (I'm sure he's punched a couple of fire extinguishers).

Thor- Tyson Chandler. The god among men, Thor is a fair but powerful giant who rules with an iron hammer. Both Chandler and Thor lead with their passion and energy and will sacrifice for the benefit of others, though anger and emotion can cloud their emotions at times.

Captain America/Steve Rogers- Jeremy Lin. Before volunteering for a government physical enhancement experiment, Captain America was a passionate, patriotic man who was rejected from the US Army due to his physical limitations, similar to the rejection our beloved Lin faced from division 1 schools and (later) NBA teams. Rogers represents old-fashioned American ideals like hard work, grit, and determination, similar to the clean-cut Lin. In addition, he is embedded in ice and revived, much as we hope Lin will be revived from his injury in time to save the day.

Hawkeye- JR Smith. Hawkeye spends the first part of the movie under mind control of the evil Loki. Therefore, despite being one of the good guys, he spends the first half the movie attacking his teammates and causing harm to his team. But then, after he is brought back under his own control, he is unleashed on the enemy, and makes it rain with his pinpoint archery. This is pretty much what JR Smith does every game. He plays the first half as if he is possessed by Pat Riley, but rebounds with clutch shots when it matters.

Nick Fury- Mike Woodson. Fury is a tough, no-nonsense leader who gets guys to follow him to the death. He may not always make the best x's and o's decision, but he is firm in his convictions and this trickles down. An expert (and times manipulative) motivator, Fury is the coach of the Avengers.

Agent Coleson- Mike D'Antoni. A firm believer in the Avengers, Coleson sacrifices his life (as D'Antoni sacrificed his job) fighting the good fight.

Loki- Lebron. The bad guy, Loki has an inferority complex and wants to be recognized as a god, but he doesn't have the heart or conviction to finish.

Those are my Avengers/Knicks links. Please let me know what you guys think

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