Game 5 Optimism Thread

Hi, it's your friendly neighborhood Knick Fan Optimist (KFO) with another thread for positive MILPCATing.

To start us off today, here's a quote from Howard Beck

Howard Beck: Mike Woodson says Toney Douglas will be first guard off the bench tonight. Also, Woodson just hit a 3-pointer. about 20 minutes ago

OK, so, the fact that Woody just nailed a three has got to be a good omen, right? That's leadership by example.

On the Toney thing, to me it seems Coach has changed his tune over the last few days. He went from saying that Toney might play if the Heat play Norris Cole to saying Toney will be the first guard off the bench.

That's interesting, because that would mean that, assuming they start the same lineup as game 4 (substituting Bibby for Bdiddy(BuhBibby!)), that would mean that Toney will enter the game before J.R. Smith. Now, we don't know if he comes in for BuhBibby or for Landry.... I prefer he comes in for Landry at the 2, then J.R. Smith comes in for Mike B.B. at the point. But that probably won't happen, I suppose. In any case, the real question is... what happened to Change Woodson's mind? Well, thanks to the power of speculation, we can now find out.

TONEY: Hey coach.

WOODSON: Hey Toney. You ready to play tomorrow?

TONEY: Oh, coach, without a doubt, without a doubt. Most Definitely.

WOODSON: Good. If they play Cole, I'm putting you in there.

TONEY: Uh, coach, I wanted to talk to you about that.


TONEY: It's not just Cole. I can guard anyone out there. Put me on Wade, Lebron, I'll guard 'em.

WOODSON: You don't think those guys would just muscle you around?

TONEY: Nah, coach, I'm strong. I'm fresh. I'm fresh and strong. I do defense. Toney Douglas Do Defense coach. Lemme at 'em. I'm itchin' to guard those guys. Put me on Bosh, coach. My shoulder's good. I'm the fastest guy out there. Wade is laughin' at Landry out there.


TONEY: Clyde, you know, he told me he used to not steal the ball all game, set his man up, then when the time was right, he'd swipe it. Well, I took it to the next level coach, I haven't stolen the ball all year. But tonight, I'm gonna spring it on 'em.


TONEY: And coach, I'm not supposed to tell you this but.... Bibby ain't 34. He's actually 44. He told me, wanted to get it off his chest.

WOODSON: I always suspected.....

TONEY: Also, he likes to dress in women's cl-

WOODSON: Alright Toney. that's enough. Alright. Tell you what. I'll give you a shot, 1st quarter. Give me some crazy-ass D.

TONEY: Gotcha coach. Oh, by the way, is it OK if I score 30 ?

WOODSON (incredulously): If you can do it on less than 30 shots.

TONEY: Most definitely coach, most definitely.

WOODSON: Just shoot it like this (swishes three)

TONEY: Oh, most definitely, most definitely.

We got this, fellows and ladypersons.

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