Iman Shumpert: Jus spoke to Doc!!! 10 days till I get to walk...well at least try n take my first step lol about 19 minutes ago

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Coming back from an ACL tear is a grueling, difficult process. But reading Shump's tweet's over the last few weeks have given me the feeling that the guy's attitude toward life, and toward the game of basketball he plays for a living, is going to mean two things:

1. He'll come back 100 percent from this injury
2. He'll be the starting two guard for a contending Knicks team in the years ahead.

Shump has deficiencies as a player. He hasn't been a particularly efficient scorer throughout his college career and rookie year in the NBA, nor has he shown the ability to be a great point guard on the floor. And that's usually the kind of thing that would prevent a guy from being a top-level guard. And it may prevent Shump from being an All-Star or a 'Star' in the traditional sense.

But the competitiveness he shows, and the sheer joyfulness with which he applies it, bodes well for his continued development as a player. I think it's the reason why he shows, even as a rookie, a transcendant defensive quality. And I think it will allow his offense to improve over time.

I also think that his joyful competitive intensity has rubbed off on J.R. Smith, and has motivated J.R. to apply his athleticism on the defensive end, which skyrockets J.R.'s value as a player.

What I love most of all, though, is how his qualities fit so perfectly between Jeremy Lin and Carmelo Anthony. It's hard to explain. I think it's because Lin and Anthony are scorers, and good ones, and this allows Shump to be on the floor as an outlet, secondary ball handler, and opportunistic scorer and facilitator on the offensive end. On the defensive end, he's the pacemaker, the stopper on the perimeter, a leader.

I think that Carmelo can be a difficult person to play with because he can get pouty and emotional and pissy with his teammates. I think this can and has deflated a lot of guys that play with him [cough, LANDRYTONEY, cough], but I think Shump has the confidence not to be shaken by that - and not only does that help Shump but it helps the whole team because he gains Melo's trust and respect that way. And getting Melo to trust the rest of the team is really a big key to the success of this team, I think.

If I think of any 2 guards in the league, some of those guys are great players, but if I imagine any of them plugging into the Knicks lineup, to me it just doesn't seem like they fit as well as Shump.

I'll say it again: Lin - Shump - Melo - Amar'e - Tyson..... Offensive badassery. Defensive Badassery. Skills-a-plenty. Balls-a-plenty. Solid citizens.

GET. WELL. SHUMP. I don't have to worry though. Shump's on it. His ACL is being Shumped into shape as we speak.

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